In this list you will find the mandatory points that must be met before starting. This will ensure a successful start in sales at MALL.


  • You have successfully logged in to the MALL Partner portal
  • you have logged in to your Sandbox account - it is used to check draft products, you can find more here
  • API key (Client ID) - only for API connection, the key can be found in the partner portal in the Partner tab

Category / Brandy / Parameters

  • you have marked the required category in our Excel file with category tree
  • you have added your brand to the category tree
  • you communicated with the team Onboarding regarding the creation of new categories (in case you did not find a suitable category in our tree)
  • you have open categories (communication with the team Onboarding)
  • you have the background to the sorting parameters
  • you have established your brands (If you did not find them at MALL, contact the team Onboarding)


  • you have uploaded products without error messages according to MALL STANDARDS
  • the products have a stage Draft
  • products have active status
  • products have a stock availability of more than 0
  • the products have correctly assigned sorting parameters
  • for products with multiple packages, you have assigned the parameter "Number of pieces in the package" (if the category offers you the parameter) and also the number of pieces specified in the product name (eg: food, drapes,…)
  • you have assigned to products brands (brandy)
  • you have EANs assigned to the products
  • you have filled product priorities
  • you have correctly filled in RRP prices (recommended retail price)
  • the created variants are displayed correctly
  • the products have been inspected by the team Onboarding


  • you have established transport without error messages according to MALL instructions, here
  • you have a service set up MALL Delivery
  • you have created Uloženka by WE | DO
  • you have established shipping for delivery to the address
  • you have set Close Time team Onboarding
  • you have a process in place to check the age of the customer when handing over packages to your carriers (e.g. alcohol)


  • you have created a test order in the partner portal
  • you can insert tracking data in orders
  • you can insert delivered at orders
  • you can switch individual order statuses

Contacts / notifications / other settings

  • you have entered contacts in the partner portal
  • you have set it up correctly notification emails
  • you have a prolink set up on your MALL affiliate site
  • you have contact list to individual departments
  • you have information about the process billing (communication with your MALL sales representative)

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