When entering the DELIVERED status, it is important that it is set based on true data. 
However, there may be situations where this status is set by mistake and the shipment will be returned to you, so it is a so-called fictitious return.

A fictitious return is not a document, but only the process of settling balances in accounting. When entering the status DELIVERED the goods are purchased by MALL and therefore the situation needs to be resolved with a credit note. This process will link your credit note to the order. 

Because the status DELIVERED is final, a fictitious return is issued for the goods with a request for credit notewhich is then sent to your e-mail. 
The credit note must be sent back to Operations team within 14 days of sending the application.

When automatic credits in self-billing, you will not be sent a request to create a credit note, but the credit note will be issued to you by the system after creating a fictitious return and you will find it in the MALL Partner portal in the Billing tab.

Therefore, if you receive a request from a colleague in the Operations Department to send a credit note in this situation where DELIVEREDwithout happening to physically hand over the consignment to the customer, a credit note needs to be issued as soon as possible so that the cash and goods flows can be straightened out again.  

No credit sent we cannot refund the customer and therefore quick cooperation is needed on your part.

It is no longer possible to change the DELIVERED status in your MALL Partner portal for the given order.

The fictitious return may also be related to the situation when it was delivered to the customer partial shipment only.

At this point, it is possible to proceed in two ways:

  1. Send the missing goods to the customer at your own expense - this means that the DELIVERED status for the entire shipment is set correctly and there is no need to return any money to the customer.
    Send such goods directly to the customer to his address specified in the order detail, not to MALL / Mimovrste.
  2. If the goods cannot be sent (you do not have it in stock), you need this undelivered part of the shipment again with a fictitious return cancel.
    Colleagues from the Operations department will send you a request for a credit note, on the basis of which the customer is refunded money for this part of the shipment.

The fictitious return has a number series starting with 47*.
On credit the following must be stated:

  • number orderswhich the situation concerns
  • number fictitious return 47 *, which colleagues will send to you by email
  • the same amount as the purchase price between MALL / Mimovrste and your e-shop (retail price from the website without VAT, less the amount of the commission)
  • Multiple orders and fictitious returns can be listed on one credit memo
  • also state the amount on the credit note delivery and cash on delivery fee

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