Do you need to raise the working capital needed to develop your e-shop and you can't get a loan from a bank? MALL Financing is a service provided by Lemonero startup within the MALL Partner program and its goal is to provide Czech and Slovak e-shops with affordable financing. In the article below, you will learn how you can apply for short-term financing and what you need to do so.

This new service, MALL Financing , allows you to apply for funding directly from MALL Partner portal. The entire application process is online, takes less than half an hour, and approval takes five minutes. You can have the funds in your bank account on the same day, so we can provide you with finances much faster than banking institutions. The whole service is completely transparent and without hidden fees.
All you have to do is connect to Lemonero, which provides this service, and activate the add-on. Thanks to this connection, the e-shop system analyzes your turnover and calculates the amount of your loan.

By providing this service, we try to help in situations that may arise during the growth of the e-shop, such as the launch of the e-shop, the purchase of stock, investment in marketing or expanding sales abroad.

The MALL Financing service is also for beginning entrepreneurs who are on platforms Shoptet, UPgates and

Benefits of the MALL Financing by Lemonero service:

  • 90 minutes consultation with Michal Koubek, expert in financial management
  • business financing from 30 thousand up to 1 million crowns / 40 thousand euros for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • interest rate 0.99 % per month
  • activation and offer of financing completely FREE
  • everything is online, fast processing in a few clicks
  • without hidden fees
  • possibility to repay the loan early free of charge

How to apply and what I need for it

All you need to process the loan is an identity card, company account statements for at least the last 6 months and a bank account number for sending funds.
You can upload documents in .pdf format or any image format (.jpg, .png, .img).

You can apply directly in the MALL Partner portal in the tab MALL Financing.

Choose the platform you use to connect your e-shop.

Then you need to install the add-on, pair with your e-shop and activate the Lemonero service. After activation, the system will evaluate the tailor-made offer.

Then you choose the amount of the loan and the system automatically redirects you to complete the data and deliver the necessary documents.

After sending the documents, all you have to do is sign the contract and your application goes to approval.
Once your application has been approved, you will receive a notification email informing you that you can expect funds in your account within 24 hours.

In the MALL Partner portal, you will then see your installment calendar, where you will find information on the amount of the installment, including the interest fee, and when it is necessary to pay the installment.
Here you also have the option to repay the loan early. However, you must first contact Lemonero via email to request early repayment.

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