Self-billing is a form of invoicing that allows the customer (buyer), the company Internet Mall as, issue tax documents for its suppliers (partners) and pay the liabilities arising from the tax documents issued in this way in the usual way.

In the event that the customer withdraws from the purchase contract, the central warehouse in Jirny sends these returned orders to the partner's warehouse.
The goods are accompanied by documents on the returned delivery, which contain the so-called number 47 * - the number of the returned delivery.

  • In the case of a manual method of billing, it is necessary to issue corrective tax documents / credits for these returned orders within the period agreed in the Business Cooperation Agreement.
  • In the case of self-billing, automatic billing, the credit memo is created on the day of sending the returned delivery from our central warehouse. The next day you will find a credit note for the given order / orders in the portal.
    The contact, which is in the portal for the area, is notified about the creation of the credit note Finance.

The complaint that comes to you together with the so-called request for repair is waiting for your resolution. If the complaint is irreparable and you inform us about it, we will end the complaint procedure and a document will be created in the MALL Partner portal again.
All other situations that may occur during a complaint (exchange of goods, repair) need to be resolved with our RMA department.

Self-billing credits have a number series similar to an invoice, which consists of your ID with us, the number 9 is in the fifth place, followed by a number series starting with 00000.
XXXX9XXXXX, the partner with ID 3000 will therefore have the first credit under the number 3000900000, the second 3000900001 and so on.

Self-billing credits enter automatic credits to minimize the number of mutual bank transactions. You can find them on the Internet Mall Receivables page for your company.
Further operational questions will be answered by the team Operations.

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