Due to the fact that the involvement of the Uloženka service by WE | DO significantly increases your sales on the MALL platform, we have decided to simplify the creation of shipments for those of you who do not use the API connection to the Uloženka carrier. delivered to branches for personal collection.

Therefore, you will now find a special export option on the new list of orders in the MALL partner portal, which is compatible with the structure of the import file in the Store.

1) Setting the number of packages for individual orders

For the correct functioning of the service, it is first necessary to enter the number of packages for each order for your orders in the MALL Partner Portal.

This action is ideally performed during the preparation of orders on your side, when the order is in condition SHIPPING. On the Orders page, select the tab Shipping, on which you will already see a new column in the default view Number of packages. You can adjust the number directly from the list of orders. If it is more convenient for you to use the view in another quick tab, you need to first enable the column view in the column configuration Number of packages.

2) Generating an export file

Once you have filled in the number of packages, the system will automatically mark the orders for you to generate a report (if you want to include some more, make the marking manually).

If you have selected at least one order, you will see the option at the top of the table Export to Savings. After pressing the option, the system will automatically download the file for you.

In the file you will find pre-filled customer data and the number of packages. The export leaves you a free Note field in the last column, which you can fill in the file according to your needs. At the same time, the system does not fill in the data about your filing branch / collection point, which must be completed by you either directly in the file or after import in the Voucher administration before saving the shipment. Alternatively, it is possible to set the default column filling in the configuration of your e-shop in Uloženka (see instructions below - point 4).

Note that file generation is only possible in the SHIPPING and SHIPPED states, for transports supported by the Uloženka by WE | DO service. If you use the MALL Delivery service, the system will automatically exclude these orders from the export.

3) Uploading a file in the Savings by WE | DO administration

After logging in to your account in the Savings Bank, select the Import CSV option.

On the import tab, upload the file and make sure you have the option checked I'm using a header file by documentation .

According to your needs, we also recommend checking the check option before the final import. As part of the inspection, it is possible to make adjustments in individual shipments or add additional data.

4) Settings for filling in default columns in the Store

If you want to speed up the upload of files, it is possible to set a new pattern of the import file in the administration of your account in the Savings Bank. When uploading a file for you, the system fills the default values into empty columns. We recommend setting automatic filling in mainly for the filing branch column, but it is also possible to fill in the note field in this way.

You can set up a new template in the Settings of your account tab CSV settings.

Choose the option to add in the right corner and fill in the required information. The order of the column for filling in your filing branch in the export from the portal is
Fill in the abbreviated branch code as the default value, eg in the form ph4. If you use a pick-up service, you can leave the filing branch field blank.

You can find the code of your filing branch in the overview file csv of branches on the tab Implementation.

Once you have filled in the default values, press Impose at the bottom of the page.

When uploading files, you will now be shown the option to select an import file pattern.

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