The MALL Partner model is based on the model of direct sales of goods to the end customer and afterwards purchasing these goods from you, our partner.

During the cooperation obligations arise on both sides, therefore a Set-off is often issued to optimize the number of financial transactions between us.
The set-off includes obligations of delivered goods invoices against cash on delivery, which come to your account or, for example, credit note payments from complaints and returns and other invoices.

Example of set-off between Partner and MALL Partner:

MALL therefore sells the goods to the end customer, to whom it then issues the invoice for this sale. For this reason, MALL must purchase goods from partner.

The purchase of goods applies only to delivered orders (orders with Delivered status) and the price of goods purchased by MALL from partner is calculated as the retail price of an individual product/SKU, which was listed on the website without VAT and margin.

IMPORTANT – at the beginning of the cooperation it is necessary to set margins correctly. If the margin is set incorrectly, the price on the invoice will be incorrect. Afterwards we can only fix this in the form of a credit note or additional invoice.

Margins are not deducted from services such as freight and cash on delivery, they only apply to products. These services are charged in full, ie in the price without VAT.

The customer pays for orders in various ways and accordingly these payments are then sent either to the MALL account or to the partner's account.

The following comes to MALL's account:
- payment by card in advance - online
- Instant online transfer
- Bank transfer
- installment purchase

The partner's account comes with:
- upon receipt - cash on delivery

In case of connection to MALL Delivery (MDP) all payments (including cash on delivery) come to the MALL account.

Currently, you can have two billing methods with us – self-billing nebo manual billing.
You will read about these individual billing methods in the following articles.

Regardless of the agreed billing method, the result should be a mutually agreed amount, i.e. the above-mentioned credit note. And this amount should match the value of the orders received.

You can try to verify the calculation of the amount for which you sell the product to us below.

You will find the correct billing information either in your contract or here.

If you have any questions about billing, please contact your sales representative or Operations team.

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