Internet Mall firmly defines the price for shipments to our delivery points. This price changes over time according to current market developments, but since it is different from what you pay for shipments Depositors by WE | DO you, if you do not have an agreed service with us Mall Delivery, we will compensate you for the difference.
You can find out how we calculate the amount of traffic compensation below.

In the calculation of compensation in a given month, we only include shipments successfully delivered / picked up from the dispensing point (the Delivered status set by you in the MALL Partner portal), which have transport via Uloženka / Uloženku partner.
Orders, where the Delivered state has been set retroactively, will be compensated in the following period.

For an order we pay 35 CZK + 10 CZK without VAT for cash on delivery, in Slovakia 59 CZK + 15 CZK without VAT (these are the prices for our business partners).

We will deduct the fees that the customer has already paid for transport and cash on delivery from the compensation, because you receive them as part of a mutual bill.
This means that the fee for cash on delivery and transport of CZK 39 and CZK 19 with VAT (CZK 32.23 and CZK 15.7 without VAT) is deducted from the compensation.

Price setting history on our website:
12/13/2019 - 3/18/2020
For orders under 300 CZK / 12 €, the customer paid 19 CZK / 0.8 € for shipping.
From 18.3.2020 the customer pays 19 CZK / 0.8 € for shipping for all orders with collection at our dispensaries.

As part of the compensation process, you will be sent an email which includes a list of orders that are included in the calculation and are included in the compensation for the given month.

This email serves as a basis for you to issue an invoice.

Part of the email is a table where you have a detailed breakdown of your orders, which serves as a basis for compensation, see. picture below.

Below you will find a description of the individual columns:

  • ORDER_ID - Order Number
  • PARTNER_ID - your ID kept in our system (you can find it in the partner portal in the Partner section)
  • TITLE_PUBLIC - Your company name on the web
  • PURCHASE_ID - MALL order number
  • CURRENCY_ID - the currency of the country where the orders are placed
  • DELIVERY_PRICE - price for freight
  • DELIVERY_METHOD_ID - Carrier ID in our system
  • COD_PRICE - cash on delivery price (fee for cash on delivery service)
  • COD_PRESENT - amount of cash on delivery, the amount to be collected from the customer (order + shipping + cash on delivery)
  • PACKAGE_VALUE - the total value of the goods in the order
  • STATUS - set final status of the order after delivery to the customer - Delivered
  • OPEN_DATE - the date when the order was set to the open status
  • DELIVERED_DATE - the date when the status was Delivered

After checking and mutually agreeing on these amounts, please issue us an invoice (Internet Mall, as) in the amount indicated with a 14-day maturity and text:
“We will invoice you the Deposit bill for the month XX / 2020 ″.
The invoice must then be sent within seven days of sending the documents to the department Operations.

Please issue us an invoice with the basic VAT rate.

The Operations department then checks the invoice and compares it with the supporting documents. After the inspection, the invoice is handed over to the accounting department for processing.

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