MALL Delivery is a service that aims to simplify the logistics processes, processing and collection of orders on the part of our partners. Now you can use this service in Slovakia.


Basic information

The MALL Delivery Slovakia service is only available for "smallbox" products and for partners who sell on, and have warehouses in SK.

When using the MALL Delivery service, it is not possible to verify the age of the end customer (e.g. for selling alcohol, weapons, pyrotechnics). If you sell products of this nature, it is not possible to use the MALL Delivery service.

The parcel is sent through the DPD branch network or, for larger volumes, you can order a delivery service directly to your warehouse. 
The dimensions of the parcels must meet the size and weight limits set by DPD, the sum of the three sides is 175 cm (longest side max. 100 cm) and max. weight 20 kg.

Once your order is received, you will pick up your goods according to your standard process, except that you will receive a carrier label directly from the MALL Partner portal during the packing process. The MALL Partner system automatically fills in the end customer's tracking information for your orders and also updates the order status at the time of delivery. 

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Request to activate MALL Delivery Slovakia

You can apply for MALL Delivery Slovakia directly in the MALL Partner Portal in the sectionDelivery/MALL Delivery

After pressing the buttonI want shipping from MALL a form will pop up for you to enter additional information (e.g.: contacts, address of your warehouse and its opening hours). 
Please ensure that the information provided is complete and up-to-date to speed up the activation of the service on our side.

After you submit your request, a representative will contact you to go over the details of setting up the service, such as selecting a drop-off location or collection information. After a mutual agreement, we will then activate the service on a specific date so that you are ready for a change in your logistics processes.

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When choosing the MALL Delivery Slovakia service, the basic MALL delivery settings are taken over.
All parameters such as the shipping price for the customer or free shipping limits are now under the administration of our team. The only parameter that you, as our partner, continue to manage is Delivery time(Delivery delay) of the shipment. Setting this parameter has the same rules as forconfigurationwithout MALL Delivery.

Collection to the warehouse

If you have an activated delivery service, DPD will come to your warehouse every day. Alternatively, the driver will arrange a collection time frame with you to collect your shipments on a regular basis.
In case you will not have any shipments to send, you need to inform DPD that they are not supposed to come to your warehouse on that day.

Collection times of the delivery branches

Due to frequent changes in the carrier's delivery routes, it is not possible to set one fixed time when shipments are collected from the branches. The most efficient way to find out when shipments need to be delivered in order to be picked up on the same day is to speak directly with the delivery branch operator. 
If the operator tells you the time frame for the collection from their branch and you deliver to the branch within the given time, it is possible to set the Delivery delay as D+1 (day of delivery + day for transport to the delivery point). 

In case the branch does not specify the exact time, the driver arrives every day with a few hours' interval or if it is not possible for you to deliver the orders by the given time, you need to set the Delivery delay as D+2 (day of delivery + 2 days for transport to the delivery point). 

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Order processing

For a newly created order that is duly paid (in case of cash on delivery it is done automatically) the order status will be changed toOPENwhich is your cue to start picking up the order. 

The first change in the process occurs when picking begins at your warehouse and the order status is switched toSHIPPING. From now on, you can apply for a carrier label directly in the MALL Partner Portal or via the API. 

Once the package is ready and labeled, you hand it over for delivery, either by taking it to our branch or, if you have ordered a delivery service, by handing it over to a courier, the system automatically changes the order status to SHIPPED and the carriers tracking is turned on and according to the obtained information the order status is changed. 

If the system detects that the shipment has been delivered to the customer, the order is switched to the final status DELIVEREDand the actual delivery date of the shipment is automatically filled in, i.e. the parameterdelivered_at.

Returned goods

Sometimes, of course, it may happen that the customer does not pick up the goods at the branch or does not accept the parcel from the courier. In this case, we will return the parcel to you. Until you receive your goods back, the order remains in the status ofSHIPPED.  
When you receive an unclaimed shipment that is returned to you, the system switches the shipment status toRETURNED

Uncollected parcels are always returned to the partner's address on the label. 

Home Delivery (HD) 

  • No COD - 7 calendar days storage - there are always 2 delivery attempts (2 days in a row, in case the customer calls, the 3rd delivery attempt follows) 
  • Cash on delivery - 14 calendar days storage - there are always 2 delivery attempts (2 days in a row, in case the customer calls, the 3rd delivery attempt follows) 

Branch network (PUP) 

  • The customer always has the option of picking up the parcel at the branch within 7 calendar days. 

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Printing of carrier labels and multi-piece shipments

Once you switch the order status to SHIPPING, you will be given the option to enter the number of packages in the order and the system will allow you to print the same number of labels in the format of your choice (PDF or ZPL). 

Multi-piece shipments can only be sent with cash on delivery within Home Delivery (ship to address) and a maximum of 10 pieces per order. 
When using DPD Pickup locations, you can only send multi-piece parcels without COD, only single-piece orders can be sent with COD.

Change the number of packages in the order

If you find that you need to generate a different number of labels during the preparation of the shipment (e.g. you end up packing the order in two boxes instead of one), you can repeat the label generation action without limitation. However, you must always use the carrier's newly printed labels.

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Using the FDEL label for MALL Delivery and billing

The FDEL label is a technical designation and defines products for which shipping is free and therefore customers are not charged for these orders. How to add the FDEL label to a product can be found in the article here.

Therefore, if you are already using the FDEL label on your products, MALL will claim the shipping charges on your billing via charge invoices under 20148 - FDEL Label Usage Fee for orders with a Delivered status. 

The fee invoice is always issued on the 1st day of the new month and can be found in the MALL Partner Portal under the tab Billing.

Example: the product is labeled FDEL (Free Shipping). An order has been created that is delivered in January with a final status of DELIVERED, so it will be billed on the 1st day of March.

A list of orders that have been overbilled for that month will be provided by Operations upon request. 
The shipping fee is invoiced according to the current valid terms and conditions and its amount may therefore change with regard to the current ongoing events. 

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If you have any problems with the activation of MALL Delivery or if you have any questions about it, you can contact us via scenario MALL Delivery in our Help Centre.

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