A customer buys goods from Internet Mall. Therefore, Internet Mall buys goods from you as our partner, once the order has been successfully delivered - the status of the order is changed to Delivered.

In case of manual billing, we require from you, our partner, a list of orders for the billing process – a xls file with orders that have the correct status and are from the period chosen by you.

The billing period for manual processing can be either a month or 14 days, depending on the number of orders.

Billing documents it is possible to generate in the MALL Partner portal in the Orders tab.

Giant. 1 .: Orders in the Partner Portal

In the Orders tab, select “Export for billing” option. In the next step, enter the period you want to invoice.

Giant. 2 .: Selection of the required billing period

An xls file will be generated in the partner portal, which needs to be sent to mp@mall.cz for the Czech Republic, mp@mall.sk for Slovakia, mp@mall.hu for Hungary, mp@mall.pl for Poland, mp@mall.hr for Croatia or mp@mimovrste.si for Slovenia.
To speed up processing, we recommend that you include yours in the subject line of the email 4-digit ID, under which you are registered with us. You can find this ID in our partner portal under the Partner tab.

The generated xls file contains all orders of the selected period, see example above.
Orders that have a nonzero amount listed in column B are orders that have been paid by cash on delivery.
Orders with a value of 0 in this column have been prepaid.

Marketplace Accounting Department will review these documents and make sure they contain only delivered orders and not orders that have already been billed.
If you send us documents that contain a previously billed order, this order will not be included in the next billing.
After verification, based on the list of orders, we will send you the billing documents needed.

Repeated sending of already processed orders (for the same period) unnecessarily overloads our accounting department - these orders cannot be processed.
Please firstly complete all the final statuses of your orders for the selected period before exporting the list of orders for billing.

Invoicing documents you receive from us in two files - pdf and excel.
In both variants you will find the same orders, the documents are used for your control and contain the order number, products in the order, the purchase price for MALL, the selling price that the product had at the time of creating the order for MALL.

Example of an invoice document in PDF

XLS file, in this document you can see all the necessary data for billing:
Order number, customer name, date, order date, delivery date, total amount = sales price, Mall commission value and purchase price

After checking the billing documents, you have to issue an invoice.
The invoice must contain only orders from the given billing document.
The same orders cannot reoccur in more invoices.
Each order must be in one invoice only, it cannot be divided into two invoices.
The invoice must contain the reference number from the billing document.
You need to send the invoice as a response to the email in which you received the billing documents.

The invoice sent in this way is then posted and a credit is issued to you with regard to the cash on delivery balance.
The credit settles the receivables between the money that goes to your account (some cash on delivery) and that goes to the MALL account (online payments in advance, by card or bank transfer).

You can find more information about the credit here.

The resulting difference is sent by the MALL partner or MALL partner.

The invoice contact details can be found in the contract or here.

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