Sell your goods on MALL Partner! You can use your Heureka XML Feed as one of the connection options to MALL. In this article you will read how to insert XML into the administration and how to work with it further.

If you use a “box” solution like Shoptet or FastCentrik, you will usually find Heureka feeds in the administration of your e-shop…

Inserting and loading Heureka XML

If you already have access to MALL Partner of the portal and you have reached step 4 (Settings) (as shown in the following figure) and at the same time you have set the implementation type to "Heureka Feed" (if not, it can be changed via our administrators), the "Heureka Feed" tab will appear in the left menu

When clicked, is displayed Heureka Feed settings. The section is divided into two tabs - on first XML feed is inserted and loaded, availability is set, validation protocol and feed with orders can be displayed the second is then the status of the feed, which shows the number of uploaded products, categories, brands and errors.

It is needed first insert product and availability Heureka Feed. Needed have XML in Heureka standards (especially to have a good category, have all of the products brands). After inserting the feeds, the system will perform a basic validation and if everything is OK, you can click on "Load Feed and Continue"

The system will start loading both XML feeds, which may take a while… The screen will look like this

Once the Heureka Feeds have been loaded and processed (the "Load Feed and Continue" button will no longer be grayed out), you can go to the second tab "Feed Status", Where you'll see an overview of the products in your feed. Here, tag pairing is continued, as described in separate article.

On the first tab Feed settings There are also the following boxes:

  • Orders from MALL can be found on the tab Orders also as an XML feed that is updated every 10 minutes.
  • The information from your feeds will be updated regularly according to the settings in the Check Availability and Product Check boxes
  • the ability to view the validation log in JSON format.

You can also watch our instructional video.

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