If you run an e-shop on a platform FastCentrik, you can use a special add-on that will make it easier for you to register and connect to the MALL Partner portal.

Registration in FastCentrik

Everything works in the FastCentrik administration section Settings> 3rd party applications> Dropshipping> MALL you register using the pre-filled form

FastCentrik - MALL Marketplace settings

From the homepage of the plugin, click on the registration form

Check all fields and add values where needed. Finally, confirm everything with the green button. You will then receive an e-mail with all the information and a click on the password setting to MALL Partner Portal.

Completion of registration in the MALL Partner Portal

Click on the e-mail to set a new password for the partner portal and then check the entered data in the Workflow and fill in the necessary

Finally, you save everything and proceed to the next step….

Approval of the Price List and Business Conditions

In the Business Conditions section, you will see a specific proposal for cooperation in the form of a price list of all fees (flat fee, commission from sales for MALL according to your field and more). You can read (and download) the terms and conditions.

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