If you have an e-shop on FastCentrik, you can use the accessory that will make it easier for you to sell your goods on MALL. In this article, you will learn what and how you need to set it up for all sales prodes to work properly.

If you have agreed on the price list and business conditions of stores at MALL, you will see the full version MALL Partner Portal. You will see all the menu tabs and you can start setting up.

Product import settings via Heureka Feed

Importing and updating your products on MALL will work via the Heureka XML Feed (product and availability feed). Both of these feeds are available in your FastCentrik administration.

Detailed information on importing products using Heureka Feed can be found in a separate article at Heureka connection with XML Feed.

Traffic settings

For sales at MALL, it is necessary to set the Transports that the customer will see in the cart. Traffic setup is covered in a separate article on Traffic settings.

Once you have the traffic in the MALL Partner Portal set up, it is necessary to pair it with the traffic in FastCentrik. This is done using the transport code that you enter in the FastCentrik administration for your current transports. Look separate FastCentrik help article on traffic pairing.

Other settings and confirmations

As part of the settings, you still need to confirm your public name (this is the name under which you will perform publicly at MALL). Then only the set traffic and connections are confirmed. This will take you to the inspection phase, where together with the MALL administrators you will check everything and plan your launch into the production environment.

Insert Token API

One of the last parts is the connection of MALL Partner and FastCentrik so that you can see orders from customers from MALL.cz in the FastCentrik administration. This connection is provided by the so-called API Token (called the Client ID in the Partner Portal), which must be copied from the Partner Portal (the Partner part) and pasted into the Plugin in FastCentrik. The API Token will not be displayed in the MALL Partner portal until the inspection phase.

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