If you have already loaded and loaded product and availability Heureka Feed on the first tab, you will need to pair the Brands from your Heureka Feed to the Brands that are on MALL.

If you don't already have Heureka XML feeds embedded in the partner portal, take a look at a separate article on this topic.

Brands Overview

It is necessary to have the brand according to Heureka specifications. In the section Heureka Feed in the second tab you will find the Brands section, where you will see the following information:

  • number of brands in feed = shows the number of brands that are drawn from your Heureka Product Feed.
  • number of paired brands = shows the number of brands that are already paired with MALL brands from your XML feed, you can view an overview of these brands.
  • number of unpaired brands = shows the number of brands that are in your XML feed and are still waiting for your manual pairing, selecting "view" will open an automatic window where a separate pairing is done.

Brand pairing

In order to correctly copy all products for sale at MALL, it is necessary to have the brand specified in the Heureka XML feed for all products and also to properly pair it in the MALL Partner Portal administration - this is what brand pairing is for.

In the Heureka Feed Feed Status tab, there is a Brands section where you can find unpaired brands. This is an automatic window where the brands will be paired, as shown in the following image.

  • The Name column lists the brands that are loaded from your Heureka XML feed.
  • In the Mall Name column, the portal will offer you a specific brand for your brand.
  • If you do not find an adequate brand in the list, click on the icon "Request", More detailed information on creating new brands can be found here.
  • There is also the option to export the entire report to CSV.

Important: The brand is automatically assigned to the first position in the product name.

You can also watch our instructional video (only in Czech)

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