Have a marketing campaign created to support your sales, increase awareness of your brand and be part of one of the strongest brands in Central Europe.

Like every partner, you have the opportunity to use additional marketing support at MALL.

And the reason why do marketing with us?
  • we use 360 ° marketing mix,
  • our marketing strategy is "Always On"A"STDC”,
  • we are among TOP 10 spenders on the Czech market in terms of media value,
  • you can get interesting available media (TV, outdoor,…),
  • we prepare a Media plan tailored to the field and seasonality of the partner,
  • our target group is all customers shopping online, we focus on families, but we can gradually target, for example, Labrador owners.

Whether you have or do not have previous experience in MALL marketing, we recommend sending an inquiry and go through all the options that Vendor marketing offers and try to be visible against the competition.

Where your business can stand out:
  • everywhere with us on the web (internal areas, banners in categories, on Homepage,…), 
  • use of our mailings and targeting the desired target group,
  • external advertising (banners on relevant websites), Youtube,
  • social media (Facebook, Instagram), 
  • use of our blog - blog.mall.cz,
  • collaboration with MALL.TV
  • TV advertisement and more.

For easier cooperation, we have seasonal marketing packages ready for you from CZK 25,000, and we are preparing a tailor-made media plan from CZK 80,000.

As a partner of the MALLGroup group, you also belong to the significant discounts for marketing campaigns.

Merchants will always be in a copy of e-mails for you and you can consult everything together, because they know your assortment best and we believe that we can put the campaign at the top and thus significantly increase turnover.

If you are interested or have any questions in the field of marketing support, please contact us by e-mail vendormp@mallgroup.com.

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