Shoptet, the Czech leader in the field of e-shop solutions development, has joined forces with the online store and brings its customers from the ranks of e-shop owners the opportunity to sell their goods even easier through the MALL Partner program. Thanks to the add-on, which is available to all Shoptet users, traders can now manage orders from MALL directly in their shoptet interface and thus process the entire ordering process in a single system.

Easy connection to MALL is possible for Shoptet users thanks to the accessory MALL Expanding and its advantage is the ability to completely manage orders in a single interface and regardless of whether the customer purchased the goods directly on the seller's e-shop or through MALL. This makes it even easier for retailers to take advantage of partner sales at MALL, including a strong and trusted MALL brand with millions of customers or a strong e-commerce infrastructure, including quality transport and a dense network of outlets.

"We are very pleased to be able to bring another way to increase our sales to the roughly 21,000 e-shops that use our solutions today. The accessory is suitable for all Shoptet users who, in addition to selling through their own channels, also want to reach new customer circles, even abroad. They can now easily synchronize orders with MALL and add or edit products in the future, ” states Miroslav Uďan, CEO of Shoptet.

From the cooperation with Shoptet, MALL promises above all a further increase in comfort for its sales partners. Already today, about 40 % MALL partner dealers use Shoptet, and this innovation is therefore a logical step that responds to their demand. As part of the MALL Open Platform project, accessories for other popular e-shop solutions are already being planned.

"We are very pleased to work with Shoptet, as large parts of our partners will facilitate the order processing process. Those who want to sell their goods through MALL can easily manage their orders through our administration interface, but the new add-on is an option for them to easily solve everything in one place. We would like to bring the same integration to partners who use other e-shop interfaces soon, " describing Jakub Kováč, director of the MALL Partner program.

In addition, traders at MALL should soon see other improvements, which will allow them to create products, map categories of goods and the like directly in the shop interface. It is now possible to add products to MALL directly via the MALL Partner administration interface, via XML feeds (MALL feed or Heureka feed) or via the API.

He started partner sales of MALL in November 2012, when the books of a major online bookstore arrived at MALL. Since then, thanks to the involvement of other partners, MALL has been gradually building its own marketplace, and in July last year, for the first time, the offer of partners exceeded the breadth of the offer of MALL itself. It now sells over 1,000 partner traders through MALL, and goods from the marketplace make up over four-fifths of the store's offer.

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