Cooperation MALL Partner 10/2021

E-mail communication

Please find below an email dated 21.10.2021 Cooperation MALL Partner about important changes and upcoming news.

SLA Tracking rate

In the section Performance (SLA) in the partner portal, an additional tab called Tracking rate has been added to the Cancel rate and Status error tracking options. Tracking rate shows the percentage of orders with a completed tracking number and tracking URL to all orders shipped outside of MALL Delivery. 
A more detailed description can be found in the article Tracking rate.

New changes in the transport settings on MALL Partner

In order to simplify logistics and warehouse processes, we have prepared changes in transport settings. More information about these changes can be found in here.
A brief description of the changes that can be set in the MALL Partner portal or through API interface:

  • Close time - the possibility of setting for individual days of the week according to the agreed collections with the carrier.
  • Supply delay - possibility to set up delayed delivery for needs such as warehouse downtime, holidays, inventory, etc.
  • Sales Account Calendar - the option to select the country where your warehouse is located from which you ship.
  • Setting price rules - separate settings for shipping and cash on delivery.


In October, November and December we are preparing several online workshops for which you can register here. Other dates of events according to demand are continuously added and recordings of the events are available for viewing on our YouTube channel. At the workshops you will be able to ask questions that are currently bothering you.
We will be glad if you meet us in this way.

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