Cooperation MALL Partner 11/2021

E-mail communication

Please find below an email dated 24. 11. 2021 Cooperation MALL Partner about important changes and upcoming news.

Correct setting of Delivery delay, Close time and Supply delay

In the context of the current season and the approaching Christmas holidays, we would like to remind you to set the correct availability of goods (Delivery delay and Close time) according to the opening hours of your warehouse. We want to make it easier for you during the holidays, so we are now offering you the option to use the

Supply delay directly in the MALL Partner Portal in the section Delivery. Setting a delivery delay will automatically extend the normal delivery date value (Delivery delay) by the period you specify. You can use the delayed delivery if you have closed warehouses for shipments during holidays. For more information about the settings, please see here.

Item of interest in the invoice

In the past, we have had requests from you to differentiate between transport and time charges in your billing, so we are planning a change at the end of January, when the time charge item will be differentiated in your billing. We hope that this change will lead to easier billing for you. If you have set up automatic import of self-billing invoices, please expect us to notify you prior to deployment with a clarification of the nomenclature of the item that will begin to appear on invoices after the modification is deployed. This change may also be reflected in your freight control reports. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any consultation.

Disposable plastics 

As of 6 September 2021, the sale of single-use plastic products and the mandatory labelling of products containing plastic were banned in the Republic of Slovenia. This is a regulation of Directive 2019/904 of the European Parliament and of the Council, specifically Article 5 and Article 7.
A ban on the sale of single-use plastics will gradually be required in other EU countries, if this has not already been done.

For more information, please see the email Ban on the sale of single-use plastics

Returnable cans and packaging

In the Slovak Republic, as of 1 January 2022 Decree on backed-up packaging. More details are described here. We would like to ask you to check your goods to see if you have a range that will be covered by the new system.
If you are affected by this change, please email us via Help Center - Other questionso that we can contact you for further instructions in the future.

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