We may encounter a situation where branches are temporarily closed due to capacity reasons, illness, or holiday. What should you do if the customer chose such branch or if you use it as your filing branch? Instructions on how to proceed with such an order can be found below.

The customer has chosen a branch that is temporarily closed

If the capacity of the branch has been exhausted, it is automatically made invisible for new orders.

If you encounter orders that have been created before or after the closure and it is possible to expedite the order, do so as quick as possible as shown in our GTC, meaning within 24 hours.

If you cannot create a data and print a label, you need to change the branch. You can also find out about the temporary shutdown of the branch by clicking on the image "MALL Point“In the order detail.
To change the dispenser, you must send a request to the team Operations. Our Call Centre will contact the customer and then send you an email with the newly selected outlet.

It is possible to change only from one collection point to another, change to a home delivery is not allowed.

  • when using the service MALL Delivery
    To change the branch, the order must be in the state SHIPPING.
    After our agreement with the customer, change the branch directly in the MALL Partner portal in the order detail - in the "Change branch„. Only available branches will be offered to you, after setting you can print a label and send the order as soon as possible. After submitting the order, switch the status to immediately SHIPPED.

Branches are not closed for order collection, only made invisible for new orders.

Opening of the branches for new orders will be managed operatively.

Your filing branch is temporarily closed

As it is only possible to have one branch set as the filing one, it is necessary to change a branch to a new one if such situation occurs.

  • First, you need to make sure that the new branch is available. Branches can be found on the Uloženka by WE|DO webpage by choosing only „Uloženka filing branch“. You can see if your chosen branch is open or not including the opening times after clicking on it.
When using the service MALL Delivery

Please contact our Operations department which can change the filing branch for you. Please put „Request for filing branch change“ into the subject and in the body of the email write the new filing branch you have chosen + your partner ID. In case you already have orders with labels that cannot be submitted due to the temporary closure of the filing branch, add the order ID to the e-mail.

  • If you have an order in the MALL Partner poral still in the SHIPPING status, our Operations team will change the filing branch. Afterwards you can print a label where you will see the change. You can send the order.
  • If you already have an order in the MALL Partner poral in condition SHIPPED and thus the printed labels, it is possible to take this shipment to the nearest delivery office.
you are not using the service yet MALL Delivery

If you use the Uloženka/Mall Point collection points directly through WE|DO, you can change the branch in Uloženka by WE|DO portal – Shop settings in the „Filing branch„ column.

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