APPort is an effective software solution that creates a communication bridge between your e-shop and MALL.CZ. This allows you to successfully sell your products on the site MALL.CZwithout having to use a second information system.
You still have everything under control in your own information system: product placement on sites MALL.CZ, data updating and order processing. You ship goods from your warehouse directly to the consumer. APPort will ensure complete data transfer so that delivery can take place with all logistical and accounting requirements.
The APPort software service will save you time, energy and unnecessary operating costs.

How APPort works for Pohoda

  • We will connect to your system and database using API
  • We will connect you to the system MALL.CZ using the API
  • We will help you set up the environment in your system so that the management of items is transferred directly to your system according to the set rules and vice versa
  • We will connect you with the payment and transport methods you choose and ensure that you can see the changes in the condition of the goods again and be able to manage them in your system
  • We will work together as a team throughout the setup
  • We will ensure testing of the entire process up to a functioning system, including coordination with MALL.CZ and other participants (carriers, data controllers, etc.)

What you get with APPort software

  • Save time
  • Significant reduction of operating costs
  • Easy data management directly from your own system

In doing so, Apport guarantees

  • Fast storage of data on secure servers
  • Professional technical support 24/7
  • Regular updates with regard to market developments

How to activate

Contact APPort to activate the add-on.

Price of a service

  • Implementation of APPort MALL - Pohoda - CZK 20,000 one-off
  • Monthly flat rate APPort MALL - Pohoda - CZK 2,500 / month
  • Detailed price list


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