You are working in the MALL Partner Portal and you get an error message. This article will show you how to handle such a message.

In the MALL Partner Portal, you may receive error messages such as "Jejda, something happened", "Error" or "Request_rejected" for certain reasons.

If you receive such messages, follow the instructions below.

In the MALL Partner Portal, right-click anywhere and select the last field from the Explore/ Inspect menu. This will bring up the developer environment, alternatively this environment can also be brought up using F12.

In the development environment, click on the "Network“.
Then you need to click again on the button that caused the error message. For example, to save the product again or to send a brand request.

Then you need to click on the "Portal" button and click on the "error" drop-down menu and copy the red error message. Send us this error message, including a screen shot and the button where the error message occurs, via Help Center.

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