What is self billing?

How to get started

Self billing is a progressive form of invoicing that allows the customer (buyer), Internet Mall a.s., to issue tax documents on behalf of its suppliers (partners) and pay them in the usual way.

This form of invoicing is possible according to the provisions of §26(3)(a) of Act No. 235/2004 Coll., on value added tax. The condition is a written agreement between the supplier and the customer. This agreement and its terms are part of the "Marketplace Business Cooperation Framework Agreement". ˇ

This form of invoicing brings attractive advantages for both parties - partners from the position of the supplier and Internet Mall a.s. from the position of the customer.

Benefits for partners.

  • elimination of costs for issuing, printing and sending invoices (performed by Internet Mall a.s.)
  • increase efficiency of the invoicing process - reduce operating costs
  • reduction of errors in invoices issued
  • reduction of overdue invoices
  • possibility to automate processing by connecting to the data structure

Internet Mall a.s. will then use automated self billing to eliminate the costs of receiving and processing (scanning, archiving, manual billing) and checking invoices sent by the partner, as well as reducing the costs associated with delayed payments due to slow disposal of incoming invoices.

Internet Mall a.s. offers you a free self billing service.

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