The article is dedicated to a feature that allows you to move any products across our category tree. This option is intended for partners who are not satisfied with the automatic classification of products according to Heurek categories. In the article, you will learn more about how the pairing of Heureka categories works and then instructions for the correct reassignment of products.

How does Heureka pairing work vs. MALL category?

Connection using Heureka feed offers the possibility of fast implementation. The logic of the connection is that the Heureka tree of categories is paired with our tree. The trees are not naturally identical, our menu contains more branched sections. Therefore, the product may not be properly classified.

To modify the classification, we have therefore developed a function with which the products can be moved arbitrarily.
The move is not possible for variant products, all parameters loaded from your Heureka feed will be deleted and the variants will stop working.
It is not possible to use this function to add parameters to products, it is necessary to create parameters already in the feed.

When relocating a product, it is very important to pay attention to the appropriate classification with regard to our arrangement of categories.

Products can only be moved after the products have been successfully uploaded to our system. You can find the uploaded products in the product overview.
If you move the products before they are registered to us, the system will evaluate it as an error and the products will not be loaded.

How to reassign products?

Functions "Product management" can be found in the partner portal in the Heureka feed section.

The transfer of products is performed using a CSV (type UTF-8) file with the exact format. To insert a completely completed CSV (type UTF-8) file into the portal, use the blue button "plus"And then upload it to the system by clicking on the button"record„.

The file will be uploaded to the system and you will see a list of products to be reassigned below.
For each product in the list, you will find an icon with a basket, which can be used to delete individual products. This function can also be performed in bulk by selecting the selected products on the right.

CSV format


PARTNER_PRODUCT_ID: your internal product ID must match the ID you send in the product feed (required)
CATEGORY_ID: our category code, you can also find it here (required)
PARAM: technical name of the parameter of the given category (optional data - depends on the conditions of the given category)
VALUE: value of the parameter in the relevant language version (optional - depending on the conditions of the given category)

How to fill in a CSV file?

Our categories have different sorting conditions. You can find specific parameter rules for individual categories in the partner portal here.

There are 3 types of sorting conditions:

  • category without mandatory parameter (just fill in your product ID and category ID)
  • category with one mandatory parameter (it is necessary to fill in all columns, 1 row)
  • category with 2 mandatory parameters (it is necessary to fill in all columns, 2 rows)

It is not necessary to create separate CSV files for each category. Only one can be created.

You can also watch our instructional video (only in Czech)

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