The I Simply Sell add-on makes it easier for you to work with the MALL Partner portal and automates the entire sales process to save you maximum time on operations. 

The service will take care of your products and correct categorization.
It synchronizes the MALL Partner portal with your systems so that orders can be moved while tracking shipping and inventory.
It allows sales to be expanded to other countries with the possibility of translation into 27 languages.
It takes care of importing self-billing invoices into your accounting programs. 

You'll be able to keep track of your product listings, status and order dispatch in one place in the I Simply Sell app 24/7. 

The supplement brings: 
  • Connection to MALL 
  • Real-time synchronisation of inventory 
  • Instant sales statistics, always up-to-date AOV 
  • Cash flow monitoring 
  • Product profitability reporting 
  • Exports for your accountants and their systems 
  • Significant improvement in sales strategy 
  • Opportunity to expand into foreign markets 
  • Agency services 
  • Translations of products into other languages 
  • Professional Product Photography 

For a more detailed overview, please see the presentation below or in MALL Partner portalwhere you can activate the service.

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