How to use Marketing campaigns at MALL

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Add your products to MALL marketing campaign for a special price and increase your sales! Most of the campaigns get strong media support and therefore your products can be sold much easier. This article will help you set up the campaign if you received an invitation to join a campaign.

How to find an open marketing campaign

If you receive an e-mail, it means that you have been invited to join a marketing campaign and you can participate in it. The campaign can be created just for you or for the segment in which you sell your products.

The link in the email takes you to the MALL Partner Portal to the Marketing campaign section where you can find a list of all active campaigns assigned to your company.

Taking part in the Marketing campaign

Using the Action button (last column on the right in the table above) reveals details of the campaign where more information about the campaign can be found, including options how to participate with your products.

The following information can be found in the details:

  • Status – whether the campaign is active or not
  • Locked – whether it is possible to add new products to the campaign
  • Minimum discount – a requirement of a minimal discount from your retail price (The price for which you sell the products on MALL)
  • Minimum discount from RRP – a requirement of a minimal discount from your retail selling prices (i.e. recommended retail price)
  • Number of products – the minimum and maximum number of products that can be entered in the campaign
  • Validity – time period of the campaign
  • Description – more detailed campaign specification, information about the campaign
  • Labels – defines campaign labels that are visible to the users on the website
  • Categories/ Divisions – can show which MALL categories are suitalbe for the campaigns (if specified)

You can also find a button for uploading the products and the list of uploaded .CVS documents in the campaign details.

Uploading products to the marketing campaign

You can upload specific products and their special discounts to the marketing campaign using a .TXT file, where the product numbers (i.e. numbers under which you send products to MALL) and their prices after the discount is applied are listed – please put only one ID and one discounted price to each line as seen in the TXT example below.

A bit of help for the TXT format is shown after clicking on the question mark. There is a sample TXT file available for download into which you can add your data and upload it to the campaign.

If you choose to use the sample TXT, the procedure is as follows:

  • download the TXT file and open it
  • add the product numbers that you use to send products to MALL and the new prices after the discount
  • save the TXT file to your computer
  • upload the TXT file to the campaign using the blue button in the campaign detail
  • after the TXT file is uploaded and processed, the uploaded file can be found at the bottom of the page together with possible error messages explaining why the file wasn’t successfully uploaded
  • after the TXT file is successfully uploaded, the discounted price will be applied to the chosen products immediately together with the sticker showing participation in the campaign on the website

The most common mistakes when uploading products to the campaign

  • wrong "article_id" of products - enter your internal ID
  • incorrect file format (only TXT format can be uploaded)
  • the maximum number of products or the minimal discount applied is not in accordance with the campaign conditions
  • you have already entered a promotional price for products through your connection - please delete
  • be careful if you are uploading the correct prices to the correct countries = prices for CZ, prices for SK, … (the correct country is listed in the campaign name)

After launching the campaign

After launching the campaign (i.e. uploading the products) we recommend making sure that everything is correct on the website and all products have the required discount and sticker applied to them….

Are you unsure how to set up a Marketing campaign? Get in touch with us!

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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