How to change the API key?

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In order to increase the security of our system, we have decided to modify the identification when using the MALL Partner API. This requires changing the identifier used, API key (also client ID).

What is an API key?

API key is an identifier that validates any API calls. This key has a number of characters that are part of the URL of each individual call. The API key is unique for every account.

How do I know if I'm using the API?

There are several ways to use the API:

  • perform all operations with products, i.e. upload, update, etc.
  • send only product availability data
  • for working with orders
  • to obtain information on individual categories and parameters
  • you can also use our API through plugins or other services such as Shoptet, Baselinker, Expando and others

You can find out if you are using the API in your partner portal in the menu Partner and tab API limits.

If any category has a call count greater than 0, the API is being used and the API key must be changed. 

In all cases, the original API key must be replaced with a new one.

Where can I find the new API key?

You can find the new API key as well as all the original ones in the menu Partner, tab Information.

Here you see in the section API keys first the identifier itself (column client ID), and the validity of a particular key, which tells you whether the key is new or old.

The old API key has only the validity specified "Valid until".

The new API key has only the specified validity "Valid from".

How do I change the API key?

The answer varies based on whether you use the API through any of the services, plugins or add-ons or whether you have created direct integration to MALL. When making the change, please pay close attention to the following information:

When the API key expires, it is deactivated. This process is irreversible.

Services, plugins and add-ons

In case you use the "indirect" integration to MALL, for example, to work with orders or as a complete external product management, you need to contact your MALL connection provider to request an API key change.

You or the service provider can then change the API key based on the specifics of the system or service.

Direct integration to MALL

If you have created a direct connection to our API, you need to replace the original API key with a new one in all API calls you send to us, whether they are product, order or other endpoints.

Please pay great attention to the complete replacement of all occurrences of the original key with the new one. Any calls sent with the old key will be rejected as invalid after the first use of the new key.

If you have already changed your API key, please confirm this in our Help Centre.

Change the order feed key

The API key change also applies to order feeds. If you are using an order feed, just copy the currently available URL of the order feed, which you can find in the Partner Portal in the menu Partner, tab Information.

Here it is in the field Order feed the currently valid link. Please check if you are using the link listed here for your integration. The validity of the old link is linked to the validity of the old key and is therefore valid for it from the information to "Valid until".

Do you have any questions?

If you have any technical questions about changing the API key, please send them to us through the Help Center, where we have prepared new section directly for these purposes.

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