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This article will give you further information about the statistics of your sales on Mall. Different statistic views can help you when planning your sales strategies.

You can find the statistics in your partner portal in the Statistics section.
Overview of statistics contains data from the last 6 months and is presented in the currency of the given country. Below you will find a more detailed description.


You can use this filter to determine the time period for the statistics overview.
Time period can be adjusted as needed. Data shown will be displayed only for the given period.

Statistics and graphs

  • All orders – all orders that have been created
  • Open orders - represents the number of orders with OPEN status for the filtered period

Chart Order status shows the structure of orders based on their statuses.

  • Gross GMV - represents the price of all products based on the order created, regardless of their status
  • Neto GMV - represents the price of all products based on the orders with status Delivered

GMV graph shows gross and net GMV for selected time period.

  • Average order value – shows the average order price using "product price" and "number of orders"

Average order value graph displays the average order price.

TOP 10 selling products graph shows the top 10 selling products according to their price.
The quantity field is calculated automatically from the amount of sold orders.

The Number of products graph shows the amount of products displayed online and in our database. As a result of displaying the values at the month level, the value in each column represents the highest number of products in the selected period.

Data export

You can export individual data to CSV or to an Excel spreadsheet (xlsx).
For each table or graph, just move the mouse to the upper right corner and click on the sign „…“ select Export data.

An automatic window will appear where you select the file format and then confirm with the orange button "Export". Then the selected file format will be downloaded and you can work with it further.

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