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This information is intended for merchants whose products from the offer on MALL.CZ have been automatically listed on The rules of selling on vary and can significantly affect how products appear in searches and how successful they are in the results, so please follow the following recommendations to ensure that your products displayed on sell well.

Allegro prides itself on high quality service and satisfied customers. That is why it has strict Sales Rules and a related system of point ratings for sellers, which influences the display of products in searches.

The maximum rating you can receive as a seller is 860 points. Some metrics carry more weight, and if you don't meet them, points are deducted faster, so you need to be careful. Meeting other metrics, on the other hand, will earn you points. The more points, the better the products will appear in search results, and therefore the chances of higher sales will increase. Once the points drop below a certain threshold, sales will stop. A detailed overview of the metrics can be found on Allegro in the Quality of sales.


In the event of a significant decline in the Quality of Sale, we reserve the right to limit the account in question according to Article 10.7 of the Allegro Portal Terms of Use.

Servicing cloned accounts will largely be handled by the MALL.CZ team, which also takes responsibility for most metrics. For customer support of cloned accounts, please continue to contact your Key Account Managers or other contacts as you are used to.

Responsibility on the part of the seller:

Fast dispatch

  • Earn points for orders shipped on the same day they were created. It is measured for the last 30 days. Earn an extra 20 points if you ship at least 80 % orders by 11pm on the same day.
  • Earn points for shipping in the afternoon, the later in the day you manage to ship, the more points you earn. You'll receive an extra 5 points for every hour between 12:00 and 15:00, and even 20 points for orders after 15:00. These dispatch times must be valid for at least 80 % of your offers to count.
  • Earn points for the percentage of shipments shipped by carriers within the promised time. You'll earn an extra 4 points for 50% of orders processed this way, plus 2 points for every percentage point between 50-98%.

Timely delivery

  • Always keep the promised delivery date.
  • Don't forget to adjust delivery times to holidays or seasonal workloads.

Interaction with the customer service centre

  • Respond quickly and without delay to inquiries from MALL.CZ.
  • Keep your contacts up to date in the MALL Partner Portal.
  • You have 14 days to resolve all questions and requests from the customer regarding the goods and the order.
  • Points are deducted for non-compliance, the maximum is minus 200 points.
    (minus 20 points for the number of unresolved issues between 7.1 % - 11 % of the total number of queries, minus 40 points between 11.1 % - 21 % of the total number of queries, minus 60 points at 21.1 % - 30 %, etc.)

Cancellation of orders

  • Cancellation of an order due to incorrectly set data, such as stock availability and price, degrades customer experience, loyalty and reduces customer trust in us as a retailer and impacts the retailer's rating, so try to avoid it.

Full rules can be found at

Anyone can sell on, you just need to register!

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