The MALL Partner portal is used for uploading and editing products, creating delivery methods, managing orders and more. That is why there is an opportunity to establish access rights for your colleagues. Find out how below.

Multiple users can access the MALL Partner portal, each under their own access data.
Representatives of individual departments can therefore visit the partner portal and find the necessary information there (e.g. accountants can find invoices and credit notes, IT can create and manage products, warehouse workers check orders and their distribution etc.).
However, access to the portal cannot be limited to individual sections, i.e.. everyone who logs in to the portal will have access to all tabs.

Only Admin can add an account in the MALL Partner portal. This can be done in the section Partner -> Accounts -> Add.

After clicking the "Add", an automatic window will open and you need to fill in the first name, last name and email of the person you want to create access for and then save.
The password for the new user will be sent to the e-mail that is filled in before the cooperation starts. Alternatively, the password can be generated using the "Forgotten password"In the login box at the following links -

User accesses can also be deleted from the portal using the trash can icon.
User account with the "Admin" cannot be deleted. You must first change the admin and then delete the original account.

Only an existing admin can change the admin to another user using the "Change admin". You will then be taken to an automatic window where you can choose a new admin.
There can be only one Admin within the access accounts to your portal.

You can also watch our instructional video (only in Czech)

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