New changes in the transport settings on MALL Partner

MALL Delivery (formerly MALL Transport), Options for setting up your own delivery

In order to simplify logistics and warehouse processes, we have prepared changes in transport settings. We allow you to make settings that reflect the reality of the logistics situation as much as possible. For more information on which areas of the transport settings are affected by the changes, see the article below.

You can edit the settings directly in the MALL Partner portal or through the API.

New changes:

  • Close time - the possibility of setting for individual days of the week according to the agreed collections with the carrier. Close time can be set for each established carrier.
  • Setting price rules - separate settings for shipping and cash on delivery.
  • Sales Account Calendar - the option to select the country where your warehouse is located from which you ship.
  • Supply delay - possibility to set up delayed delivery for needs such as warehouse downtime, holidays, inventory, etc.

At the same time, the carrier's own name was abolished.

API interface

For API transport settings, see the documentation here.

In connection with the changes, completely new endpoints and documentation were created. If you have been using the API to connect to the Deliveries part, you will need to make a change to the integration. Deliveries endpoints will be deprecated on 31.1.2022

We recommend that your IT developer or technical solution provider perform the setup and checking for the connection to MALL Partner.

Settings in the MALL Partner Portal

First, log in to the MALL Partner portal to the tab Transports - Transport settings.
Bookmark Delivery settings is now divided into a section Carriers and Warehouse.


When you create a transport or in the details of each carrier, you can set Close time for each day. It is important to set the Close time according to your agreement with the carrier. In case you do not ship on the weekend, you still need to fill in the time 00:00.
The carrier type and delivery time is unchanged.

Setting the right closetime is not only very important to correctly calculate the delivery assumption to the customer, but it will also allow you to increase conversion for example before the end of a marketing campaign or at the end of the Christmas season. Now you will be able to extend the sale of promotional items exactly according to the possibilities of each individual carrier.

You can create price levels in the shipments according to the weight or price of the order. You can set different pricing rules for shipping and COD prices. However, you need to fill in both values.


Bookmark Warehouse allows you to specify the calendar of the country in which you have a warehouse to refine the calculation of expected delivery on the customer's site.
Make the settings by clicking on the pencil icon.

Select the country where your warehouse is located from which you ship (e.g. your warehouse is located in the Czech Republic, sales are made on MALL.SK - select the Czech Republic as the calendar, this step will ensure that Slovak customers will be shown the correct delivery expectation reflecting the Czech calendar of your warehouse operation.

From the whisperer you can select the country of storage and save.

At the same time, you can set the Delayed delivery (Supply delay). If you are planning a holiday or inventory or have a stock outage, you can set a specific time period here that will automatically extend your expected delivery date.
Only one delivery delay can be set.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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