There is more and more interest in sales through MALL Partner. Partners who are interested in offering their products on MALL and thus reaching new customers often use a solution for the operation of their e-shop, in which they manage all products for sale, process orders and communicate with customers through offers.

We would like to simplify the entire process of connecting to MALL Partner for all partners and allow them to process all the necessary things in one system to which they are used. We have therefore decided to launch a project in the near future MALL Partner APPS, which will allow developers to develop applications that can be directly connected to the merchant's e-shop solution.

Benefits MALL Partner APPS project:

  • Development of an add-on for an existing partner solution, which will be directly connected to the MALL Partner
  • The development of the accessory and thus the speed of delivery of this solution is purely on the side of the company or individual who develops the accessory
  • The development of add-on functions or the extension of these functions is in the hands of the company or individual who develops the add-on based on demand from partners
  • Developers receive regular reporting on add-on demand from retailers
  • Marketers get a direct connection to the developers responsible for developing the add-on, giving them easy access to technical support and troubleshooting

How it works for Partners:

  • The partner may request the creation of an add-on for their e-shop solution
  • The partner can choose a ready-made solution for his e-shop from the list of accessories

You can enter a request for an add-on or application in this form (Attention: the accessory is not necessary to start sales through the MALL Partner program. The MALL Partner program has its own environment where we can conveniently control our sales) : Inquiry form

How it works for companies / individuals interested in creating add-ons:

  • We are preparing an environment in which it will be possible to find all the necessary documents and conditions of cooperation.
  • If you are interested in developing accessories for various solutions requested from our partners, please fill out this form:add-on development form.
    • We will continuously send you information about this project to the given email.
    • We will also send you an inquiry for accessories / applications from our merchant and e-shop partners to the given email.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact us at:

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via FAQ.

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