For all partners who sell products through our MALL Partner program, we automatically generate a custom URL on MALL domains. With this partner page, you have your own space on MALL that displays only your offered products, basically a simple shop-in shop.

Therefore, when a customer adds your product to their shopping cart, we automatically recommend them other products from your offer. This way the customer can simply add your products to their shopping cart to optimize their order, especially shipping, pick-up location and time.

Partner pages are also used to link your website/e-shop back to the product pages on MALL.

A link to the partner page can be found in the MALL Partner portal on the page Partner.

Example of a partner page:

Here is an example of a Vivantis partner page.

Linking partner pages

As part of our cooperation it is necessary to set up a backlinking of partner sites with your own e-shop, as you are obliged to do in the General Terms and Conditions FOR in CZ and SK, see section Offer of the Goods.

Linking partner pages improves their visibility for internet search engine users and at the same time brings more traffic directly to your products - the product offer will be more traceable on the internet.
The products you offer are located higher in the search on the MALL website.
A customer who visits your e-shop/website directly and sees that you are also selling on MALL will have more confidence in buying from your e-shop.

You can easily link your MALL Partner page to your website/e-shop either by placing the MALL Partner logo or by adding a text link to your website/e-shop.
You can find the source data that you can copy in the MALL Partner portal in the tab Marketing -> section Partner site

Conditions for correct linking:

  • the text of the link MUST NOT be in the background color of your e-shop/website (this technique is forbidden from the point of view of search engines, there is a risk of penalties and it can harm us and you)
  • the link must be visible in the background of your e-shop/website

You can also watch our instructional video - Linking the e-shop with MALL Partner (only in Czech).

Public name settings

The partner page is also linked to your company name. Partner page URLs are generated directly from your public name under which you sell on MALL. See example of the partner page described above.

When registering, you had to enter your company name, which will be automatically copied as your public name, and you can change it in the step 4 of the registration.
The public name must be unique, it cannot be changed in the MALL Partner portal after saving. However, if you need to change it, please contact us via FAQ.

If your public name changes, your partner's URL will also change, and you'll need to edit that URL in the linking.
The URL of the partner page can be changed in the partner portal in the Partner section.

Public name cannot contain: MALL, MALL Partner, Partner, MALL CZ, MALL SK, sro, other inappropriate or general name unrelated to your company

You will also see the name in the detail of your offered product and through it you can click on your Partner page.

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