SMART! service launched in Slovenia

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On 26th October the SMART! service was launchedin Slovenia, offering free delivery to customers.

The SMART! service applies to orders that:

  • were created on the website mimovrste
  • have a value greater than 12.9 EUR
  • smallbox size
  • will be forwarded to Packeta | Post of Slovenia - Pickup (code 301) or Post of Slovenia - Pickup (code 129)

Does not apply to bigbox orders and delivery to address.

In case you want to participate in this service, set up your carrier with codes 301 and 129 in the MALL Partner portal.


In order to receive the compensated amount, we prefer to add the item "Compensation of freight for the month XY" to the classic invoice. Another option is to send a separate invoice to the Operations department.

You will receive an automatic email to the email address you have entered in the partner portal for the Finance role 

Compensation is on a monthly basis and only orders that are part of the invoice you sent and were marked as Delivered in the previous month are included.

MALL will share 80% of the financing of this service with you in accordance with GBTC Article 6.12.

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