In this article you will find a list of Czech holidays and important days, on which it is customary to please someone with a gift. The article can serve as a hint for you when to put what products into action and thus increase your sales targets.

February 14 - Valentine's Day - jewellery, purses, fashion, accessories for a romantic dinner, perfumes, cosmetics, flowers

March 8 - International Women's Day - chocolates, bouquets, pinches, stuffed animals

March 28 - Teachers' Day - notebooks, candy, alcohol 🙂

April 1 - April - funny gifts, inflatable balloons

9 April 2023 - Easter - tools for drawing eggs, Easter assortment (decoration, stickers)

April 30 - Witch burning- costumes, make-up, brooms, lighters, incendiaries

May 1 - 1.May - Valentine's Day - jewellery, purses, fashion, accessories for a romantic dinner

May 14 - Mother's Day - jewelry, fashion, bouquets, perfume

May 15 - Day of families - board games, games for children, travel books

June 1 - Children's Day - all assortment suitable for both young children and teenagers

June 18 - Father's Day - shaving kit, perfume, wallet

Summer holidays (July, August) - summer gear - swimming gear, swimwear, sunglasses, garden furniture

September 1 - First day of school - school supplies, pencil case, briefcase, backpack for older children, exercise books, stationery, PE equipment

October 31 - Halloween - costumes, sweets, pumpkin carving knives

November 2 - Soulstice (Day of the Dead) - candles, wreaths, photo frame

November 19 - Men's Day - shaving kit, perfume, wallet

December 5 - Nicholas - assortment for children, sweets

December 24 - Christmas - anything from electronics to garden tools, jewellery or RC models

December 31 - Silvester - alcohol, sparklers, confetti, party decorations

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