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We have prepared an efficient way for you to detect changes to orders through webhook settings. Webhook allows you to receive notifications of changes to orders in real time.

Webhook is basically an HTTP callback that allows you to forward a notification to a URL you define based on certain changes made to orders. Based on this notification, you then just need to call the Marketplace API to get the order details to get the updated data.

Setting up the webhook and monitoring its current status can be done directly in the MALL Partner Portal on the tab Partner/Webhook. This tab can only be seen by Admin.


To successfully set up a webhook, you need to create an endpoint on your side to which the system will send notifications. You will then enter its URL address into the configuration in the MALL Partner Portal.

We recommend that your IT developer or technical solution provider perform the setup and checking for the connection to MALL Partner!

Also, if you see an error in the Status section, please contact your technical support first for verification.

Please note that notifications are sent at a maximum frequency of once per minute and the page only displays the last 60 statuses.


Example of the correct URL format:


Sample notification received from MALL Partner platform:

[123456, 1234567, 12378985]

Sample error and success status messages:

Technical documentation GET order detail...

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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