MALL Delivery is a service provided by the Mall Group and its goal is to simplify logistics processes and order processing on the part of our partners.

The service works in such a way that after receiving the order, the partner unloads the goods according to his standard process, except that during the packaging he obtains the carrier's label directly from the MALL Partner platform. The package is sent through the MALL branch network or the partner has the option of ordering a collection service directly to the warehouse for larger shipments. The MALL Partner system on behalf of the partner automatically fills in information about the tracking of the shipment for the end customer and orders the status of the order at the moment of delivery.

Benefits of the service

  • the partner does not have to deal with the connection to the carrier or manually copy the orders to their system
  • records of orders and shipments are available in one place in the MALL Partner portal
  • the partner does not pay any shipping fees to the customer, except when he decides to grant free shipping on the product
  • the service automatically fills in tracking shipments for the end customer
  • the partner does not have to deal with switching the final status of the order, the service updates it itself, including the completion of mandatory parameters
  • Inquiries and complaints regarding your shipments are in one place: or phone number +420 226 254 554


The current version of the service supports transport in the Czech and Slovak Republics for packages of the following types smallbox. We cover both types of delivery - the MALL network of outlets and home delivery. We will work hard to expand the service further so that we can provide you with the service for other countries.

Technically, the service works directly on the MALL Partner platform, so no other integration is required. If you're an API partner, a relatively simple extension of your existing link awaits you. If you use the MALL portal for order management, you will be able to use the service directly through it.

Pricing conditions

Activation and administration of the service is completely free for partners selling on the MALL Partner platform. At the same time, the partner does not pay any fees for the delivery of the shipment to the customer, the only exception is the use of the FDEL label on the product, which activates free shipping on the product. In this case, the partner pays the freight for the customer.

In addition, if the partner sends shipments through the branch network, he does not pay anything for the submission of shipments. However, in the case of a collection service at a partner's warehouse in the Czech Republic, a monthly fee is charged for this service, which is determined individually according to the possibilities of collection routes and your volume of shipments.
The possibility of collection is not currently available for warehouses located in the Slovak Republic.

The price conditions of the transport fee in the possibly active service are adjusted to the settings of the Mall Group. The partner therefore loses the possibility to adjust the prices of transport for the customer, their level or setting a free limit (ie the limit from which the customer has free transport).

How to activate the service

If you are an existing partner with a completed registration, you can request the service directly on the MALL Partner portal tab Transport / MALL transport.
If you are in the process of registration or are not registered at all, contact us by email

After sending the request, our representative will contact you and arrange with you the details of the service settings, such as the selection of the filing branch or the price conditions of the collection. By mutual agreement, we activate the service on a certain day so that you are ready for a change in your logistics processes. At the same time, we will be available to you during the transition period to properly process the remaining orders in the original mode.

A detailed description of how the service works is available in the section MALL Delivery.

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