If you are interested in the MALL Delivery service, the easiest way is to submit an application directly in the MALL Partner portal.

You can find the option to request on the tab Transport / MALL transport.

After pressing the button ACTIVATE the system will ask you to confirm your interest in the pickup service. If you are interested in it, a form for entering additional information will open, such as the address of your warehouse and its opening hours. Please make sure that the information provided is complete and up-to-date, which will speed up the activation of the service on our side.

Please note that collection to your warehouse in the Czech Republic is a paid service, which is paid a monthly fee based on the volume of your shipments and the distance from the collection routes of our couriers. The average price for the service is around 1,950 CZK without VAT per month.
The pick-up service is not currently available for Slovakia.

Service activation

As soon as our team receives your request, we will first check the submitted data and then contact you shortly to confirm the service settings. In the case of a request for a pick-up service in the Czech Republic, you will also receive information on the amount of the monthly fee and the proposed pick-up time window.

After mutual agreement of the conditions, we will jointly agree on the date of launching the service. MALL Delivery requires changes in the ordering process and picking of goods on your part. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the necessary changes before activation, see the information in the category MALL Delivery.

After the service is fully activated, you will see it in the partner portal on the tab Transport / MALL transport your current service settings, including allowed traffic.

Collection times of the delivery branches

Due to frequent changes in the carrier's delivery routes, it is not possible to set one fixed time when shipments are collected from the feeder branches. The most efficient way to find out when shipments need to be delivered in order to be picked up on the same day is to speak directly with the delivery branch operator.
If the operator tells you the time window for the collection from their branch and you deliver the parcels to the delivery branch within the given time, it is possible to set the Delivery delay as D+1 (day of delivery + day for transport to the delivery point).
In case the branch does not specify the exact time, the driver arrives every day with an interval of several hours or it is not possible on your part to deliver the shipments by the given time, you need to set the Delivery delay as D+2 (day of delivery + 2 days for transportation to the delivery point).

List of WE|DO's dispatch and delivery branches.

Below the map, choose which type of branch you want to show.

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