To ensure a smooth launch of the MALL Delivery service, we recommend that you review the changes to your logistics and ordering processes. We have prepared a summary of the most important ones.

1. Changes in your warehouse

Prepare for the new feed as you get the labels for your packages and make sure you process new orders correctly once activated.

From the date of activation of MALL Delivery, you may no longer place shipments with your original carrier (e.g. Storage tickets by WE|DO)! If you send a shipment using the old method, the synchronisation of order statuses will NOT work and you will be billed by your original carrier. You will also be denied any invoice claims.

When you activate MALL Delivery, your existing smallbox shipping will be completely replaced by our shipping. You will be able to generate labels directly in the MALL Partner Portal.

  • check the deactivation of the connection to the original carrier if you use any form of automation of loading shipments and labels
  • new service provides labels in pdf and zpl format - choose the one that suits you better
  • inform your warehouse staff about the new process, how and where to generate labels

2. Carrier settings

When you activate the MALL Delivery service, no action is required on your part, our team will set up the smallbox shipping for you.

After activation, do not set up any other carriers for smallbox, the shopping cart offers customers only one shipping address per package size. If you have set up other shipping for the smallbox size, they will not be reflected in the shopping cart selection.

3. Order management

The service will partially handle the process of switching order statuses and filling in tracking of consignments for you on the basis of our connection with the transport provider with regular synchronization of consignment statuses.

  • meet changes in the order process
  • make sure that you always switch the order status to SHIPPED after handing over the package to the carrier, this is the main synchronization trigger
  • for first orders, check that the process is correct on your side

4. Changes in invoicing

With the activation of the new service, there are no significant changes in billing, both in the active automation in the form of MALL Self-Billing and in the original manual billing method.

  • you will no longer find the item shipping on invoices for goods sold
  • there is a change in the collection of the time charge - the carriers send the collected funds to the MALL account, which pays you on the basis of the issued invoice
  • reduction of the number of credits - credits will be issued only in the case of orders with transport that is not covered by the MALL Delivery service
  • if you use the "FDEL" label for free shipping on a given product during the month, you will be charged the shipping cost to cover the incurred orders with that product

5. Undelivered shipments

meet the package recovery processwhich have not been delivered to the customer.

  • set up an email notification for shipments to be picked up on the bookmark Partner / Notification Management
  • verify that you have a PIN available on the partner portal for picking up undelivered shipments when picking up at the branch

6. Vrats and complaints

The process of handling returns and complaints about the goods by the customer remains unchanged.

In the event of a claim for damage or loss, our team will be on hand to help you settle the claim with the carrier. Please direct your requests to

7. Transition of an existing partner

If you are already one of our successful partners who is using this service during active sales, please prepare for a transitional period of managing your orders.

  • Set a fixed launch date with our team for a better overview
  • the service will start on the day of activation with new orders, so be prepared to process the remaining orders through the original process!

8. API connection

If you use the API link to MALL Partner, it will adjustments need to be made on your side.

  • modification of calls and changes of order statuses and filling in tracking
  • implementation of a new endpoint for retrieving labels
  • retrieving information about undelivered shipments
  • involvement of notifications about order change (webhook) - we recommend!

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