The MALL Delivery service is available not only in the partner portal, but also through the API. If you already have a connection, you can make relatively simple adjustments to call additional functions.

1. Calling order statuses

You can identify orders with the active MALL Delivery service by the parameter mdp = true.

Make sure in the new settings order process your system will not toggle the status of these orders by status SHIPPED (ie, for example, status DELIVERED or RETURNED), The MALL Partner API will reject such calls.

Unlike the original settings, the system no longer allows you to switch the status of the order immediately to the status SHIPPED (skip status SHIPPING). It is always necessary to switch to the state SHIPPING, in which the consignments are established. The system allows you to switch to the state SHIPPED only after your request for a label (see below).

The tracking number and url will automatically be added to your order for you by order, and you will only be able to download it via the API after the status SHIPPED.

If you want to find out data about a specific order, such as the mentioned tracking number of the shipment, use the standard call of the order detail.

2. Creating shipments and printing labels

A new endpoint has been created for creating the number of packages and printing labels. Updates to the number of packages are only allowed to you in the status SHIPPING. Once you switch the order to status SHIPPED you can always call only the last saved version of labels and you can no longer change their number.

Labels can be called in two formats - pdf and zpl. Both formats are automatically available by default.

Call labels

Numbers of order packages

To make calls more efficient, you can use the option for bulk calling of labels, which will also allow you to specify the first position of the label (1st - 4th) in the case of pdf format.

3. Information on uncollected consignments

Shipments that have not been picked up by the customer will be returned to you.

Information on whether the consignment is currently available for collection (or that it will be delivered by delivery service to your warehouse) is available at the order object.

To determine such a shipment applies

  • parameter mdp = true
  • the order is in SHIPPED state
  • parameter ready_to_return = true

4. Reading changes to orders

For efficient acquisition of information about changes in individual orders, we recommend the use webhooku combined with an order detail call.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via FAQ.

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