With the MALL Delivery service active, the MALL Partner platform creates a shipment for you to an authorized carrier and provides you with a label for each package.

Label format

The service currently supports two basic label formats, namely PDF (standard size 4 labels per A4) and ZPL. Both formats are available both via the API and in the partner portal when activating the service.

When connecting to the API, the labels are Base64 encoded, after downloading them you need to decode the labels on your side. Labels are available in PDF and ZPL, you choose the format in the API call settings.
Labels can be called after individually or in bulk.

Availability of labels

Label printing is linked to the standard ordering process.

As soon as you switch the order to the SHIPPING state, as part of sending orders in the Czech Republic, you will have the option of entering the number of packages in the order and the system will return the same number of labels in the selected format.
If you are sending from the Czech Republic to Slovakia or directly from Slovakia, the number of shipments in the order is limited to one piece with the DPD Pickup SK and DEPO SK service.
In the case of a multi-piece order, contact the Operations team, who will deal with the situation with you operatively.

With the MALL Delivery service active, the system will not allow you to switch the order to the SHIPPED state (ie handed over to the carrier) if at least one label has not been generated for the order!

Change the number of packages in the order

If you find out during the preparation of the shipment that you need to generate a different number of labels (for example, you finally packed the order in two instead of one box), you can perform the action of generating labels repeatedly without restriction. However, the condition is that the order is still in the SHIPPING state!

Do not set the SHIPPED status until the package is handed over to the carrier. After entering the SHIPPED status, the label can be reprinted only in the last entered version, ie with the last entered number of packages.

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