Before activating the MALL Delivery service, it is necessary to be well acquainted with changes in the operation of order statuses.

If you are already one of our experienced partners, you have been used to fully managing the status of orders from payment to successful or in some cases unsuccessful delivery. With the MALL Delivery service active, you will now be responsible for status changes only until you hand over the package to the carrier, then our system, which is directly connected to the carrier's tracking shipments, will take over this activity.

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Receipt and picking of the order

A newly created order, which has not yet been paid by the customer, will be created for you in the condition BLOCKED as before and still true, this is only information for the reservation of stock for a given customer. As soon as the order is duly paid (in the case of cash on delivery, it happens automatically), the status of the order will be changed to the status OPEN, which is a sign for you to start picking the order. So far, the process on your part has not changed.

The first change in the process occurs when picking begins at your warehouse and the order is switched to status SHIPPING. In this state, it is necessary to request a carrier label directly in the MALL Partner portal or via the API.
If you do not request a label for the order, the system will not allow you to switch the order to another state SHIPPED.

When using DEPO and DPD Pickup outlets, only one-piece orders can be sent. If you need to split your order into multiple packages, please contact the Operations team who will deal with the situation promptly.
At MALL Shop outlets and for delivery to an address, it is possible to send an order consisting of several packages.

Once the package is ready and labelled, you hand it over for transport, either by taking it to our branch or, if you have ordered a collection service, by handing it over to our courier. At this point you set the last status as a partner SHIPPED.

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Final order statuses

After entering the status SHIPPED the system automatically starts tracking the carrier's tracking and according to the information obtained, the status of the order then changes.

The condition of consignments compared to carriers is checked systemically at least every 2 hours. If the system detects that the shipment has been delivered, the status of the order switches to DELIVERED and the date of actual delivery of the consignment, ie the parameter, is filled in automatically delivered_at. When delivering to the customer at the collection point, the system automatically fills in the parameter of the so-called first attempt at delivery, ie first_delivery_attempt. This parameter is filled in when the customer is first asked to pick up the shipment at the branch.

Sometimes, of course, it can happen that the customer does not pick up the goods at the branch, or does not accept the shipment from the courier. In this case, we will return the shipment to you. Until you get your goods back, the order still remains in stock SHIPPED. After receiving the uncollected consignment (at our branch or returned by courier - in the case of collection service), the system switches the status of the consignment to RETURNED.

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Cancel an order

We know that sometimes a situation may arise when an order cannot be shipped (wrong stock, damage to the last piece of goods, etc.). Even for orders with MALL Delivery, you have the option to cancel the order. The system will allow you to enter the status CANCELED if the order is in condition OPEN or SHIPPING. In condition SHIPPED it is possible to set only the status in case of non-shipment, damage or loss of the consignment RETURNED.

MALL Group has its customers in the first place, and therefore wants to do its utmost for their satisfaction. Therefore, as our Partner, make sure that order cancellations are kept to a minimum. An increased number of canceled orders can negatively affect your Partner Rating. More information about Cancel rate can be found here.

New LOST order status

The last situation that affects order statuses is the damage or loss of a shipment during delivery. For such a case, a new status has been created LOST.

This status is set exclusively by our staff at the moment when you are granted a claim for damage or loss of the parcel during shipment. An order that is in a pending claim process remains in the status SHIPPED until the conclusion of the complaint. Orders in state LOST are not included in the invoicing.

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