Even if you use the MALL Delivery service, it happens from time to time that the customer does not pick up the ordered goods. See this article for how to proceed in this situation.

The MALL Delivery service not only allows you to focus more on the selection of assortment and picking of shipments, but also helps you with almost immediate updating of order statuses. The moment you hand over the package to the courier or our employee at the branch, you will last switch the order to status as a partner SHIPPED. The consignment is then transported to the delivery point or address of the customer. However, as soon as the pick-up deadline expires or the customer is not reached even after a repeated delivery attempt, a return process occurs and we deliver the package back to you.

More about the operation of orders with the active MALL Delivery service…

Overview in the MALL Partner portal

You will receive information about the return process as a partner when the package is ready for you at the selected delivery branch or our pickup truck will deliver it to you.

In the MALL Partner portal, you will recognize such an order by the fact that it is still in the state SHIPPED and flag Ready to return: YES.

Make sure you have the columns displayed correctly if you do not see the values. The settings are made via the configuration icon, which is located next to the Filter button.

Email notification

At the same time, the MALL Partner portal offers you the option of setting up a notification about undelivered orders that are ready to be picked up.

If you already have an active MALL Delivery service, this type of notification will automatically appear in the tab Partner / Notification Management. Notification can be set to contact groups or individual email addresses with a maximum limit of 10 recipients. The frequency of sending is daily, when you will receive a cumulative list of orders from us.

Please note that the email notification can only be set or edited by the partner account administrator!

Connection API

If you're connected through the API, you'll get information by regularly downloading orders in status SHIPPED and according to the parameter determination ready_to_return = TRUE, you will find a list of undelivered orders for collection.

The second option for finding out the list of orders, which we are preparing for you in a short time, is a webhook for order objects. You will be informed about availability.

Technical documentation GET order detail.

You can use it for efficient calling of order statuses webhook settings.

Password for picking up shipments

If you are collecting undelivered parcels from one of our network branches, you will be asked for a password to release the parcel before handing it over. The password will arrive in your email inbox each month, so please update all contacts regularly.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via FAQ.

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