This article provides basic information about order statuses.

Please follow the procedure below, see the information below.

It is important to work with orders properly and on time according to the actual condition of your goods. Following these procedures will help prevent billing issues.
Correctly set states including tracking data they allow customers to get up-to-date information about their shipments, which helps us improve the customer experience while reducing the risk of non-collection.
In addition, with a bad customer experience, there is a risk of negative product or order reviews.

Here, you can find correct order statuses that occur. Our system will allow you to enter a status only in the marked direction.

  • Blocked
    • the order was created by customer
    • you cannot change this status yet, as we are waiting for payment
    • in case of cash on delivery, the status will be changed to OPEN within 10 minutes
    • In case of advanced payment, the status will be changed to OPEN after the payment. The customer has 1 – 14 days to pay (depending on the payment method). In case of non-payment, the order will be automatically cancelled – “storno”.
  • Cancellation
    • the order is canceled from the Blocked state - this means that it was not properly paid by the customer.
    • This status is displayed in the MALL Partner portal as CANCELLED. Technically, there is no difference between the Canceled and Canceled states, it is only the situation from which the state arises.
  • Open
    • the order has been paid and can be shipped
    • the order cannot be modified anymore. It is not possible to change the number of pieces, product type or price.
  • Shipping
    • packaging and expedition – preparation to handover to carrier
    • this is the last step in which the order can be cancelled from your side
  • Cancelled
    • can be only set before you handover the package to the carrier
    • in the Partners tab of your portal in the Manage notifications, it is advised to turn on the notification for cancelled orders in case of cancellation on customer behalf
    • when you set it up, you only write to the call centre if you want to offer the customer an alternative to the product
  • Shipped
    • package handover to carrier
    • after setting this status, the order cannot be cancelled anymore. If necessary, it can only be changed to RETURNED.
    • with MALL Delivery you enter this status last, the system automatically starts monitoring the carrier's tracking and according to the information obtained, the final status of the order then changes.
  • Delivered
    • the order was successfully delivered to customer (delivered at pickup point)
    • DELIVERED AT date of actual delivery to the customer (day of pick-up) - this information is mandatory and by filling it in the order becomes part of the invoice
    • After setting this status, it cannot be changed to any other
    • if the status DELIVERED is set incorrectly or the goods are claimed by the customer, the order must be invoiced and then a credit note must be issued in cooperation with
    • the credit note must contain the order number and number for returned goods (sent by the operations department after reporting the false status)
  • Returned
    • the order was not accepted by customer and is on its way back to you
    • ATTENTION - status RETURNED does not apply to orders, where the customer withdraws from the contract of sale within the lawful time period
  • Lost
    • this status is only used for the MALL Delivery service
    • the condition is set exclusively by our MALL employee at the moment when you are accepted for a claim for damage or loss of the shipment during transport
    • Lost status is the final status of the order, which cannot be changed
  • in case of any error with the status it is necessary to contact the team Operations.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre. If you have a problem order, you can report it to us via the scenario Problem order.

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