In this article you can find information about inserting tracking number/tracking URL to your orders. This will enable you and the customer to track the order.

Tracking can be only inserted when changing the status of order from Shipping to Shipped.

Below several ways how to insert the tracking URL are described.

Work with orders via API

If you are using API feed, please see our
tracking information online documentation. With this endpoint you are sending us the tracking number and URL.

Orders with MALL XML feed or CSV

In your partner portal in the Orders tab use the import statuses icon.

Button for Importing states - example

Once clicked, you will see the option to upload order statuses via CSV and XML file, which you just need to paste and import. When you click on the file type, you will see the prescribed structure that is needed to create the file for import.

A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generated
Displays the window for entering Tracking data

The CSV file can also be exported from the selected order list.

Example of CSV structure:

order_id; status; delivered_at; tracking_number; tracking_url; first_delivery_attempt
56465454; delivered; 2018-02-27; as123;; 2018-01-27
56465454; shipping; ; ;
9254907201; shipping
9254907201; shipped
9255205401; shipped
9254907201; returned
9255236601; delivered; 2018-02-27
9255243601; cancelled

Example of XML structure:


Orders with manual editing:

Tracking is being inserted when changing order status from shipping to shipped. Once changing the shipping status, a window will open, where the tracking information is inserted by you.

Example of status switching to Shipped
Example of filling in Tracking data

In case you accidentally send incorrect data, the Tracking URL and Tracking number can be edited after saving using the "pencil" icon.

Example of editing Tracking data using the "pencil" icon
Sample editing

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via Help Centre.

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