Within our cooperation a time when you will need to send us a credit note may occur.

The most often situations when a credit note is to be sent to us from you are:

  • Complaint
  • Withdrawal from the purchase contract
  • Correction of falsely set delivered status

Credit note must contain

  • Order ID, to which the credit note is related to – written on the returns document or in the case of fictional returns it will be sent to you by MALL via email
  • Returns number – 47xxxxxxxx – found on returns document or in case of fictional returns will be sent to you by MALL via email
  • Item of given order, to which the credit note refers to. If the whole order is returned, the credit note must also contain transport and COD (cash on delivery) if applicable, same as the order
  • Amount, same as the purchase price between Mall and partner (retail price online without VAT and commission)

One credit note can have more numbers of returns.
Please do not use one credit note for actual returns (Withdrawal from the purchase contract) and fictional returns (incorrectly set delivered status).

For more effective communication please contact our departments in case of any questions – as divided below in Contacts .

Operations - for fictitious returns (order was not delivered, only the wrong status was set)
Complaint - for withdrawal from the purchase contract or claims for orders


Damage to the packaging does not enter the total value of the credit note, the packaging has only a protective character for the product (unless it is a collector's edition).
The value of the credit note must therefore not be adjusted due to damage to the packaging during transport.

In the event that the product is damaged during transport from our warehouse to you, it is necessary to send us a request, which will include: photo documentation, description of the damage and a proposal for compensation. These applications will be assessed individually according to the degree of damage.

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