You can only work with order statuses in a defined order (see figure below)

If you enter an incorrect order status, you must use the web form available at

In the Orders section, enter Order status (Zadavani stavu objednavek), Problem Order (Problemova objednavka).

Next choose the option, as shown below, describing “correction, I have entered wrong final status”.

Lastly, choose the correct final status, which the order should have. The request will then be sent to the appropriate department for processing.

We can help you change most of the order statuses without consequences.

The only exception is the Delivered status. An incorrectly entered Delivered status cannot be corrected. Setting the Delivered status generates a customer invoice and therefore cannot be simply cancelled.
This mistake can be only corrected by creating a credit note for the given order.
To do this, we create a return document (number 47xxxxxxxx), which is necessary for you to send us the credit note.

Even in this case, please use the web form available at
In this form please let us know that you need to issue a return. In the request, write order ID, the name of the item (if it is not a return of the entire order), the number of pieces and the reason for the incorrectly entered status.

Based on this request, your Operations or RMA (claims department) colleagues will create a return document and email you this number. You will then create a credit note for the order (only for the items that are subject to the correction of this condition). This credit memo must include the order number, return number, number of items, shipping and handling charges (if included).
The price of the items must be the same as our purchase price (the amount for which you sell us the items = the amount on the credit note).

If you want to process several returns at once, it is possible to put them in one credit note (containing the essentials, see above).

Please send the credit note back to the email from which you received the return number.

This credit note will be handed over to our finance department and, thanks to the return number and the order number, will be matched to the accounting transactions.

By sending the credit note to the same email from which the return number was sent to you will avoid duplication and thus speed up the posting of your document.

In case you have any problem with your order status or if you have any questions about it, you can contact us via scenario of order statuses in our Help Center.

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