Our common goal is to have a satisfied customer who buys at MALL/Mimovrste regularly. One of the basic prerequisites for how we can achieve this is to minimize canceled orders.

Cancel rate is the ratio of canceled orders by the partner to all created orders that have passed the status OPEN (adjusted for test orders, manual interventions of the MALL Call Center by the customer).

These are cancelled orders (CANCELLED status), where the cancellation occurs by the partner, i.e. before the goods are dispatched from the warehouse, any undelivered or unclaimed shipments by the customer (RETURNED status).

Canceling an order due to incorrectly set data, such as stock availability and price, compromises customer experience, their loyalty and reduces customers trust in us as a retailer. Such cases are also reflected in the evaluation of the partner on the web.

Therefore, the target is set to have a maximum of 1.5% cancelled orders per reporting period out of the total number of orders of each partner.

We monitor this SLA very closely. If it is violated, we will notify you and request corrective action to resolve the situation.

If the Partner fails to correct the situation after being notified by MALL and the Cancel rate of its orders exceeds 1.5% for the reporting period, the cooperation may be temporarily restricted (until the Partner corrects the errors).

The most common reasons for cancellation of an order by a partner include:

  1. Stock availability of goods - it is important to always have up-to-date stock availability so that only available goods are displayed in the shopping cart. It is also important to have the correct delivery date set in the Delivery delay and Close time settings. In the event that several orders occur simultaneously in a short time , the partner must ensure that they can provide the offered goods.
  2. Test orders - for testing, please use test orders in the partner portal, not orders via MALL.CZ/SK/HU/PL/SI. Test orders created through the portal, unlike real ones created through MALL.CZ, do not affect the process of mutual billing, and also do not enter into the Cancel rate statistics.
  3. Prices – the price is important for the customer, so if the partner finds out when confirming the order that they do not have a correctly set product price, they are obliged by law to deliver the order for the specified price. We recommend checking the set prices, especially between individual countries (CZ vs. SK, etc.)

Orders canceled by the end customer are not included in the Cancel rate.

Cancel rate in the MALL Partner portal

You can find the Cancel rate tab in the MALL Partner portal in the section Performance. You can monitor the current data in percentages for the given month and for the last 7 days. Here you will also see an overview of the previous months.
The status of your account is evaluated based on the previous month.

You can also export a list of incorrectly entered order statuses for the selected month in .xlsx format using the "Report" button. An automatic window will open, where you can enter the month for which you want to export the orders and then confirm it with the "Download" button.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via FAQ.

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