By setting delivery delay and close time correctly, we provide customers with accurate information about order delivery time.

Delivery delay

The delivery delay represents the time interval of delivery of the order to the customer. The partner sets the value in business days for each individual delivery option. Partners do not ship on holidays and weekends, so the delivery delay is automatically increased by these days. It is also possible to set the delivery delay for individual products (or even variants). The delivery delay for a product/variant takes precedence over the delivery delay specified in the delivery settings.

Example: Delivery delay = 3 days. On the day of ordering, the order was placed before close time.

Close time

The Close time is set in HH:MM format and represents the time the shipment was closed. This time determines how many hours an order must be received by the partner to be able to ship it the same day (0 in case of delivery delay). After this hour, the website will always automatically change the expected delivery date by +1 day. Close time defines a specific hour (and minute), not the number of days. The number of days is set by the partner using the delivery delay (see above).

Setting up the right Close time is very important not only to correctly calculate the assumption of delivery to the customer, but it will also allow you to increase conversion for example before the end of a marketing campaign or at the end of the Christmas season. You can extend the sale of promotional items exactly according to the capabilities of each individual carrier.

Close time is set in MALL Partner portal in the tab Delivery - Delivery settings.

When you create a new delivery option or in the details of each carrier, you can set Close time for each day. It is important to set the Close time according to your agreement with the carrier.
Enter the close time for each day using the clock that appears when you click on the empty field. Please set the weekend close time to 00:00.

Supply delay

If you are planning a holiday or an inventory count or will have a stock outage, you can set up Delayed delivery (Supply delay), a specific period of time that will automatically extend your expected delivery date.
Only one delivery delay can be set.

Settings Supply delay can only be found in the MALL Partner Portal in the Transport section under the tab Stock.

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via FAQ.

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