Whether you connect to MALL Partner or Mimovrste Marketplace in Slovenia in any way (look at the connection methods), you need to set up the traffic that will be displayed to customers in the cart on the site.
Before you can make any product visible on our website, you must have the traffic set up correctly.

If you are using the API connection method, you will find the documentation at Partner deliveries.

Types of transport for MALL Partner

In general, there are two delivery methods – pickup point and home delivery. One transportation company (carrier) can be set for each method (with the option of smallbox a bigbox).
At the moment, on mimovrste.com in Slovenia it is not possible to set pickup points.

For the customer, shopping on MALL, these two delivery methods will be displayed in the shopping cart as „personal collection“ and „delivery to STANDARD„, see the following example:

The delivery methods are set according to the instruction below:

  • dispensing point (Uloženka by WE | DO) - personal collection (does not apply to MIMOVRSTE)
    • Due to technical reasons, it is necessary to add Ulozenka from both Ulozenka (code 20) and Ulozenka Partner (code 21), so you can offer the complete portfolio of MALL and Ulozenka pickup points.
    • If setting delivery methods for Mall.sk, use codes 49 and 119.
  • Home delivery
    • Select only one carrier from the menu
    • Different carriers can be selected separately for smallbox and bigbox, however, then the attribute smallbox/bigbox must be specified to each product

We recommend using Ulozenka pickup points, as this can significantly increase the customer´s interest in the given product.

How to set delivery methods in Partner Portal

First log into your Partner Portal and then proceed to the Delivery tab on the left side. Add a new delivery method using the Other Carriers button at the right top.

A form with the delivery details that you have to fill in will show up. You can only choose from carriers that are offered to you.
If you cannot find your carrier in the carrier bar, please contact our onboarding team.


  • Delivery carrier type – here you choose a carrier according to the size of package
  • Carrier – here you will find our internal name and code for the given carrier
  • Delivery name – enter your chosen internal delivery name (not visible to customer on our website)
  • Delivery time (delivery delay) – is entered in days and tells how much time it takes the package to arrive to customer from the given „closetime“.
    The close time is set for you by the Onboarding team.

    closetime at 14:00; delivery delay 1 -> orders created before 14:00, with the status “Open”, must be delivered/prepared at pickup point the next working day.

Postal charge according to price/weight of order

In the delivery tab, postal price levels can be created according to price/weight of order.

Price levels:

One price level is pre-set by default in the range 0 - unlimited. You will only fill out the price of delivery and the price of cash on delivery.

You can also edit the price of transport and cash on delivery at Uloženka and Uloženka Partner (dispensing points). You won't see the price on the web because we have our special shipping prices preset.
After the end of the special prices, the system will overwrite your prices on the website, so we recommend setting the relevant shipping fee.

If you need to use more price levels, you can add them using the „Add level„ button.
You can also set up free delivery for orders over a certain amount, see the example below.

Weight levels:

If you decide to use weight levels, you must fill in the parcel weight (dimensions) for given product. Based on this information, the system will evaluate the weight level for given product.

Only one level can be active at a time (price level / weight level).
After saving, only one selected type will be active.

Here you can also use free delivery for packages exceeding certain weight, see the example below.

After filling in all details, don´t forget to save them. It will afterwards show up in the list od carriers, where it can be edited later on. In the picture below it is visible that both codes for Ulozenka have been added (for home delivery) and one PPL for home delivery.

In the list of deliveries, you may come across a notification, that you do not have a delivery set for smallbox/bigbox, for products, which you have created. This information is important, as it informs you about the pairing of products and deliveries.

Example: If you have both smallbox and bigbox products, but you have the delivery set only for smallbox products, then a notification will appear in the delivery tab, stating that you are missing transport for bigbox products and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to set up delivery for the bigbox products as well. Below you can see an example of the notification.

You can also watch our instructional video.

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