Regardless of your connection type to MALL Partner or Mimovrste Marketplace in Slovenia (more about connection types here), you need to set up delivery options that will be displayed to customers in the shopping cart on the website.
Before any of your products can be visible on our website, you need to correctly set delivery options.

If you are using the API connection method, you can find the documentation here.

If you chose MALL Delivery service (only available in CZ and SK), please find more information here.

Delivery options for MALL Partner

In general, there are two delivery methods: pick-up point and home delivery. One transportation company (carrier) can be set for each method (with the option of smallbox and bigbox).
Currently it is not possible to set pickup points for in Slovenia.

For users who shop at MALL, these two types of delivery will appear in the Shopping Cart as "Collection at the dispensing point"And"Delivery to an address without day of delivery", see the following picture:

The delivery options are set according to the instruction below:

  • Pick-up point (Uloženka by WE | DO) - personal collection (does not apply to MIMOVRSTE)
    • due to technical reasons it is necessary to add the Uloženka by WE|DO divided into two deliveries under the names: Uloženka | CZ (code 20) a Uloženka Partner | CZ (code 21). In order to offer a complete portfolio of MALL and Uloženka by WE | DO pick-up points, you need to set up both of the mentioned deliveries (20 and 21).
    • when setting up transports for, the transports are under the names Storage - DPD Pickup | SK (code 49) and Storage | SK (code 119)
  • Home delivery
    • Select only one carrier from the menu
    • it is possible to select one carrier for smallbox and another for bigbox - however, for this it is necessary to specify the smallbox/bigbox flag for each product

We recommend using the service Uloženka by WE|DO, because the possibility of personal collection can significantly increase the attractiveness of the product in the eyes of the customer.

Setting up delivery in the MALL Partner Portal

First, log in to MALL Partner portal and then proceed to the tab Delivery - Delivery settings. 
The tab Delivery settings is divided into a section Carriers and Stock.


Add a new delivery option using the button at the top right "New delivery carrier".

You will then see a form for filling in the delivery details. You can only use the carriers offered by the portal.
You can find which carrier can or cannot be used in our list of carriers here. If you can't find your carrier in the portal, send us a message via FAQ.


  • Delivery carrier type - here you choose the carrier according to the size of the package
  • Carrier - here you can find the list of carriers (our internal name and code)
  • Delivery time - is entered in the number of days and signifies the time period in which the order will reach the customer in regard to your closing time
  • Close time - is set in the format HH:MM and represents the dispatch closing time. You can set it for each carrier and for each day separately. Enter the close time for each day by using the clock that appears when you click on a field. Please set the weekend closing time to 00:00.

    Close time at 14:00; delivery time 1 -> orders placed before 14:00 with status Open must be delivered/ready at the pick-up point on the next working day.

Shipping cost according to the price/weight of the order

In the delivery tab, shipping costs can be created according to the price/weight of the order.
You can set different pricing rules for shipping and cash on delivery service. However, you need to fill in both values.

Price levels:

By default, one price level is preset in the range 0 - unlimited. You will only add the shipping price and the price of the cash on delivery service (COD). It is not possible to enter shipping and cash on delivery prices with decimal points except in EUR currency.

You can also edit the price of shipping and COD at Uloženka by WE|DO under the names Uloženka and Uloženka Partner (delivery points). The price will not be displayed on the website yet because we have pre-set our promotional delivery prices.
After the promotional prices are over, the system will overwrite them with your set prices, so we recommend setting a relevant shipping fee.

If you need to use more price levels, you can add them using the „Add level„ button.
You can also set up free delivery for orders over a certain amount, see the example below.

Weight levels:

If you decide to use weight levels, you must fill in the parcel weight (dimensions) for the product. Based on this information, the system will evaluate the weight level for the given product.

Only one level can be active at a time (either price level or weight level).
After saving, only one selected type will be active.

Here you can also use free delivery for packages exceeding certain weight, see the example below.

After entering all the data, just need to save the new delivery option. It will then be displayed in the delivery list where you can edit it at any time.
ATTENTION! It is not possible to change an existing carrier to another one, you need to create a new one first and then delete the original carrier using the trash icon.

In the picture bellow you can see that both Uloženka codes are added (i.e. for personal collection) and one DPD carrier for delivery to the address.

In the list of delivery options, you may come across a notification, that you do not have a delivery set for smallbox/bigbox, for products, which you have created. This information is important, as it informs you about the pairing of products and delivery options.

If you use the distinction of smallbox and bigbox products but you only set delivery options for smallbox, you will see a message in the delivery list that you are missing a delivery option for bigbox products and vice versa. In this case you need to add a bigbox delivery option. In the image below you can see the error message you may get.


The tab Stock allows you to specify the calendar of the country in which you have a warehouse to improve the calculation of expected delivery for the customer.
Change the settings by clicking on the pencil icon.

Select the country where your warehouse is located from which you ship (e.g. your warehouse is located in the Czech Republic, sales are made on MALL.SK - select the Czech Republic as the calendar, this step will ensure that Slovak customers are shown the correct delivery expectation reflecting the Czech calendar of your warehouse operation.

You can select the country of your warehouse from the provided list and then click save.

At the same time, you can set the Delayed delivery (Supply delay). For more information see here.

You can also watch our instructional video (only in Czech)

In case you have any further questions, you can contact us via FAQ.

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