You can now use the service to simplify logistics processes, process and pick up orders MALL Delivery in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Introduction to MALL Delivery

Below you will find signpost to important articles concerning the correct setting up of the MALL Delivery service, understanding of the entire process and successful picking of orders for carriers.

If you are interested in how MALL Delivery works, what it entails or what they are benefits its use, we have prepared a few words for you at the beginning here.

Activation tips

If you are interested in the MALL Delivery service, an article is available Tips for activating the MALL Delivery service, which will guide you through any changes in your logistics and ordering processes before activation.

Activation of MALL Delivery

If you have been approached by the MALL Delivery service, request its activation in the MALL Partner portal according to the article you will find here.

Subsequently, we will receive your request, on the basis of which we will contact you by phone, confirm the data you have entered and explain the service in more detail. Then we will set up the transport and confirm the activation by email. From then on, you will receive orders within MALL Delivery.

More detailed information on setting up transport for the MALL Delivery service, which we activate on our side, can be found in the article here.

Delivery delay

When setting up traffic, the Operations team sets you up delivery delay (delivery time) to CZ as standard for 2 days and to SK for 3 days. You can reset this data as the only one in the MALL Partner portal in the tab Delivery, so you can extend or shorten the delivery time. You will also learn about settings in the article supply delay (delayed delivery) a close time.

Orders from MALL Delivery

Before processing orders, it is advisable to get acquainted with the MALL Partner portal, where you will find the necessary information and how to work with it properly.
The following articles are used for this:

How to work with order statuses within the MALL Delivery service is described in the article here.
When setting up, it is necessary to get acquainted with what each order status means and when to set it. In the article you will find information about the preparation and picking of the order, final states, returned or lost shipments.


A label must be printed before sending the order. What the label looks like, the status of the print option and where the number of shipments is set can be found here.

Connection via API

If you use the connection API to collaborate, you may find the article useful API integration of the MALL Transport service

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