Compared to the standard version of the settings with the MALL Delivery service active, the transport configuration is considerably limited.

When selecting the MALL Delivery service, it takes over the options for setting up MALL transport. All parameters such as the price of transport for the customer or the limits of free transport now fall under the administration of our team. The only parameter that you, as our partner, continue to manage is Delivery time (delivery delay) shipments. The setting of this parameter has the same rules as for configuration without the MALL Delivery service.

Parameter management overview

  • Name of transport
  • Type of transport smallbox / bigbox
  • Shipping cost
  • Cash on delivery price
  • Delivery delay - continues to be managed by PARTNER!

Selection of carriers for the MALL Delivery service

The service has fixed types of carriers and it is not possible to set it to any transport service.
Currently, the service is only available for delivery in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and only for smallbox packages.
The shipment should have the sum of three sides 175 cm (longest side max. 100 cm) and max. Weight 20 kg. For DEPO SK, the weight limit is 15 kg.

When using the MALL Delivery service, it is not possible to verify the age of majority of the end customer (e.g. alcohol, weapons, pyrotechnics). If you sell products of this nature, it is not possible to use the MALL Delivery service.

If you are switching to the MALL Delivery service, make sure that you have the logistics processes set up correctly. In the case of a system connection to a carrier, make sure that from the time of launch, your system will not place shipments directly with the original carrier.

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